Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life ain't bad

Went hiking this morning and I've decided I like hiking and am going to do it more. Plus its free. And I came home and ate a homemade cookie. Decided not much better way to start a day.

Shout out to my cousin Alison who taught me how to make some killer cookies and that says much from me who is a cookie making snob.

Darby got an award at school and the I didn't even get a picture. But it was second place in her grade for creative writing contest that I made her do. My mom used to make me do stuff all the time . She says I wanted to but I don't remember that part, I just remember the always pushing me out of my comfort one part.

Like how I made Darby do Zumba with me the other day. It was a tamed down version, very few people and since I have a twinge of guilt that my girls don't do gymnastics or dance, I figure she needed to take whatever we got . Like free Zumba at the church with her mom.

But she didn't want to at all and while I tried to bribe her with anything under the sun we agreed on five things whatever she wanted that didn't cost money.

It was fun to finish her list and other kids were super jealous so maybe im on to something. Maybe birthday lists tho year and skip presents?

But back to writing contest. I should have made a copy of it cause it was the most creative and funniest thing ever. Which is amazing cause her first draft sounded scarily similar to the last book she read ;)

Today is my moms birthday which deserves its own post so maybe ill look for an old picture , but she looks amazing for 74. She is the most influential person in my life and the person who I still talk to the most.

74 is an inside joke and don't worry she wont be mad i told cause really is 86 :)


Nancy Jo said...

hahahah! Love Baylie's shoes! Congrats to Darby! Paisley looks so cute with friends!

Sara Jane said...

yay for hiking and you've got great spots by you. Next thing you know you'll be running on some of those trails.

Happy Anniversary--late!

Sorry for my lact of comments, but I'm finding I can't comment when I use chrome and I forget to use IExplorer...don't know why. Chris has probably done something to the computer :).