Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Parenting 101

Like all our good parenting decisions, we decided after a 2 second conversation...we are kicking the pacifier today. 

yep, can you believe that?  Really, you shouldn't it because we have a love/hate relationship with pacifiers.  we can't be trusted.  or I can't, i'm soft. 

Jason has been wanting to get rid of it for a while, but really he has been wanting to get rid of any baby item as soon as its out of use...the high chairs days are numbered!  But the pacifier I'm attached too.  they just look so cute and they love them so much. 

On a lark, or actually after her told me he caught Paisley sleeping with a stolen paci from Ivy in her nap, we had a small ceremony, cut the tips, and Ivy chucked them in the trash.  That's it, we are done.  Still have guilt about that. 

So yes Ivy, your pacifier days were cut short because your big sister kept stealing them cause we stunk so bad getting rid of hers (back and forth, back and forth,  and then back and forth remember?...sorry Paisley, inconsistency is never a virtue). 

dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.... no more pacifier. 

hmmm....what will tonight bring?  and tomorrows naps?  and the day after that? 

I don't know but its the end of the era and frankly we are too cheap to buy more. 

one more sign that the baby days are passing us by (quick who wants to go steal a baby with me!...but then we should give it back when it cries, ya right its never gonna cry cause I'm finally the freaking baby whisperer now that I'm all done, sheesh is that how life works!?!) and I'm totally ok with it.  No really, its sad to be end of the era, but I'm trusting all you other folks are still having babies so just call your friendly family of seven and we will watch yours for you. 

Serious, and if you are on the fence, I can surely talk you into it.  The baby making part and the babysitting too. 



Beth said...

Good luck!!! We are doing no pull ups at night starting tonight w/ Audrey (it's been a looong time coming, and her pull ups have been 75% dry). We'll see... fingers crossed for sleep for all.

Mindy said...

So much I have to look forward to as a mom! ha ha ha!

Courtney said...

You can do it! And I should too! I just keep feeling too crappy to want to put myself through anything extra!