Saturday, February 23, 2013

My mom

Happy Birthday Nancy Jo, you only have a few hours left.
This picture is when you first became Nana! 
It totally suits you and all almost 13 of them are so lucky to have you, plus the 8 adult children you have.  You have a lot of fans. 

Thanks for teaching me how to throw a ball, write my name, ride a bike, tie my shoes, stick up for myself, the value of a woman, be a mom, enjoy chocolate, serve in a calling, crochet, shoot a gun, have fun, get into a little bit of trouble, put on makeup and exercise.  Thank you for the deep love you gave me of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hope you get all your spankings.  :)  


Nancy Jo said...

Thanks Brooke! You make me sound a lot better than I am. I just have terrific kids and grandkids!! Thanks for making my birthday so special! Love you!!

Alvhild Evans said...

We love her!! and don't You mean almost 14? :P just kidding.