Sunday, January 13, 2013

We are here

We are happily back in California, although I seriously contemplated staying forever.

5 bags of luggage
6 backpacks and a very full purse
candy, snacks and two trips to the airport food court.
Hope they had a mini vac for our seats cause it was like cracker-crushed heaven
I let Jason take Ivy for the first few hours, so the flight home was a dream.
Wasn't even annoyed to be in traffic for two hours or have a flat tire in long term parking.

School finally starts tomorrow.  That will be weird.
Today is my sister Lindsey's birthday.  Wahoo.  Crap if she is 32 that means I'm older.

The house is a mess and freezing... poor insulation.  Christmas is 99.9 % taken down, just that one box left needs to make its way to the garage.

Today I had a case of the butterflies starting out as the primary music leader again.  Was very surprised because I've down in before and was good at it, but singing in public (cause with kids is often a solo!) is about as comfortable as showing my bare post-five children, hernia belly or one of those bad dreams where you are in your skivies.  Thankfully or super annoying I mask my nerves with obnoxiously energetic behavior.  Thats my MO pretty much.

Went to a meeting tonite to get ready for Darby's baptism this summer.  So much more calm and relaxed this time around, that could be like the theme of my parenting for Darby.  Poor Luke :)  He gets the tightly wound, worrying mama.

Saw a major wreck happen close up tonite. Like ten feet away, Darby and I in the car.  Very scary.  Everyone seemed okay but I kept thinking that could have been us.  The cars were destroyed.

Heard some very sad news today about some family's family.  This life will test us to our limits in every way.  Do we really believe all that we say we believe?  It is important that we do. 

The employment waters are stirring, don't worry you'll be the first to know.

We are happy :)  But we very much miss Nana and Grandpa and the dogs. 

We realized its been a year since we saw Grandpa and Grandma McCoy. Argentina is very lucky.


Phillips Family said...

Well it sounds like it went well yesterday. Danny said he could hear the kids singing "I am a Child of God" clear out in the foyer and Ashlynn said she was laughing at your jokes so hard that she couldn't breath. So good job! I'm sure you did amazing. Glad you're home.

Amber said...

I'm sure you rocked it. You know how to have fun with the kids and that's all you need. Voice or no voice. Although I'm sure you aren't as bad as you think, but I totally feel your pain in that department. WE are glad to have you home and excited to have Darby in Activity Days pretty soon!

RachelAA said...

Welcome back - and way to go getting most of your Christmas stuff put away. I have had mine boxed up since NY day and it's still boxed up in my living room :( Those Primary kids are lucky to have you and I'm glad your car wasn't destroyed!!!