Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bad Mood Cures

Today weighs heavy on my shoulders.  Those cute kids of mine sure don't care whats happening, they just want to play and have fun.  Shhhh...they are kinda like puppies, puppies can cheer anyone up...but puppies don't fight and make a stink about practicing piano and doing homework. Children help keep perspective and require that we don't collapse in a big pile of goo.  Plus they always need to be fed.  Hands down my children make me the happiest with Jason a close second when he wants to be funny :) Unfortunately my children probably feel it the worst when I'm upset or sad or having a hard time which is why I think every mother needs her arsenal of mood cures. 

It has been 3 1/2 months with Jason out of a job and I'd sure like him to find one.  But I know it could happen tomorrow or in many more months, only heaven knows.  So how do I cope?  Or how do I cope with all the hard things I hear or happen or when I'm the one getting in my own way?  Here are some of my go to quick fixes.  

Diet Coke/Coke Zero
Ice Cream
Loud music
Read a book
Hug a baby
Do some service (we really shouldn't eat all those brownies we made anyway)
Have a pity party
Browse recipes
Clean something
Chat on the phone
Watch a show, I love tv
Paint your nails (and try to stop biting them!)

here is what I used to do:

Get a haircut
Buy a book (amazon misses me I tell ya!)
Go on a date
Go to the movies

Did you know that I used to think I was awesome if I cooked 3 times a week.  I still think that is pretty good.  But now, I have cooked everyday.  Wow that is quite a feat if I do say so myself.  Makes me wonder what other things I can do if I need to.

Quick fixes are good and dandy, but will they make you happy?  Will they change anything?  No.

I have been asked a bunch how I can handle stuff or how I have been able to keep a positive attitude (although today I'd say I scared it away pretty good).

Well, that my friends is Jesus.  Church Stuff.  Ya know, the whole reason we are on earth and the reason we need to remember this earth life of ours is just a blip of eternity.  But because I'm especially thick headed, I need to be reminded of this over and over again and life has only so many minutes in the day, I have have found that I need to do mulitple things to feel the Spirit and remember whats really important every day.

1.  Read the scriptures.  Last year, Jason only misses 2 days and well this year I'm going to miss none.  Thats the only goal I have for 2013 right now.  Sure hope I can do it.  Right now I've find the best time for me is right before I go to bed.  And we read with the kids in the morning during breakfast. 

2.  General Conference talks.   This is what I listen to while I'm taking a shower, while I'm putting on my makeup, while I'm cooking or washing the dishes. Sometimes I'd really like to just watch another episode on but choosing to listen to a conference talk is like a gift to my family.  These have saved me.  Can change my mood.  My favorite ones I listen to over and over and over again.  Cause I need it.

I setup up my ipad right next to me and listen on the mormon channel.  I crank it up real loud so I can hear.  

These are in no particular order, some good ones.  For super bad moods or to change your life, I prescribe 3 a day.  Find all the ones from October HERE

Of Regrets and Resolutions

The First Great Commandment

Be Anxiously Engaged

I know it.  I live it.  I love it.  (Ann Dibb, President Monson's daughter)

Ask the Missionaries!

3.  Mormon Messages.  We love these and my kids love these. Short and profound.

Opportunities to do Good.

Temples are a beacon (just found this one tonite)

The Will of God 

Here is the one Luke likes 

5.  Do I need to include the other standard answers?  Go to church every Sunday, Pray Pray Pray, have family home evening once a week.  Go to the temple.  Listen to uplifting music.  These all deserve their own number.  So important for me to be happy.  I seriously wonder how any marriage survives without going to church because I think we all need to be reminded at least weekly to serve others and not be so dang selfish and crabby.  Without it life is just that much harder.  Like the temple, we dress in white and go to pray without distractions in a completely peaceful quiet beautiful place, who doesn't need that? 

Some sad stuff sure happened today.  All to little people (and Jason's interview kinda puttered out). And really I just want to go climb in my bed and watch American Idol (which I think is doomed forever now and just shows what my mood is like to want to watch it).  But I still have dishes to do and its bugged me not having my blog updated.

I need the Holy Spirit in my life.  These are the ways that I try to keep it amidst the hustle and bustle of my busy life.  This is how I cope with the hard stuff.  This is how I keep a smile on my face and not crawl in a hole when something hard happens. You can do it!  I can do it!  Everything will work out.

Now I'm going to conquer those dishes...


brandon said...

yesterday a doc over me says as a mormon what is the story with manti teo

Laurie Nguyen said...

Thanks for your post! It's just what I needed to hear. :) Love you, Brooke!

Amberli said...

thanks brooke. these are all things i need to hear. XO