Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roll Tide Roll!

I think these are the rest of my pictures from our wonderful trip.
God works in miraculous ways.
If Jason didn't lose his job, we wouldn't have gone to visit my parents
And it was awesome.  We are going home refreshed
(okay, a little tired cause Paisley was up like 6 times last night). 
Should we even talk about the Alabama vs Notre Dame Game?  Blow out.
We planned on seeing every movie and reading tons books,
didn't do too much of that but did the right amount of everything else. 
Luke did most of the book reading, Harry Potter 4 and the Hobbit.

We have never had this awesome reception getting off the plane.   Signs and everything.
A big crowd, we loved seeing all of you.

Dear Alabama (mostly due to my wonderful parents), 
You were great.  Thanks for treating us so nice, and I hope we see each other again
(hopefully less than two years next time).   With Love, the McCoys

A favorite of bowling was watching Luke help Baylie and Paisley bowl.  They loved it and so did he.

My mom is so fun.
She was so fun when I was growing up and so fun as a Nana.
She takes everything to the next level.
Bubbles in the tub and Bubbles in the pool
Did I ever mention that the pool was about 95 degrees? 

 The kids loved fishing and feeding fearful ducks in the pond behind my parents house.
We were technically trespassing because the pond is owned by the fancier street on the other side of it, even though we could throw a rock in it from my parents backyard...well maybe Nana could throw a rock in it. :)

We didn't catch anything.
Who cares. Next time.

As you read this we are either driving to the airport, on a plane or venturing home.
It will be a long, long day.
So so much to do when we get home (like put away Christmas!)
but our batteries are full. (and our bellies and pants too....we are taking home our souvenir!)


Laurie Nguyen said...

Glad you had such an awesome trip, but I'm glad you're coming home! We've missed you. It just isn't the same when you're gone.

RachelAA said...

So great!

Beth said...

So glad you got away. It's so great to have that "refreshed" feeling. Can't really get that at home quite as easy - always stuff to do. See ya soon!

Mommy said...

Oh my. Your Mama and my Mama would be best buddies if they lived near each other. I can only hope my kids say that about me one day. Hooray for family trips to see family!