Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The happiest place on earth!

Disneyland rules! It also wiped us out. We had so much fun yesterday and went to California adventure too! Jason and I got to ride tower of terror and it was awesome! Luke said splash mountain .. "now I feel alive!" And it was Darby's favorite too. Baylie was thrilled to be over 40 inches to ride it.

And even better we got to go as a gift from our friends , the Nguyen family which worked out even better cause they ended up holding ivy a ton and I wished I had a picture of Michael on its a small world with Ivy snuggled to him. Very cute and I have a mental picture...also missed one with the girls, Becky was a lifesaver too and so good with the girls . If you are going to wait in a bunch of lines, way more fun with friends. Plus Luke had another boy to hang with which was awesome . I sure love Disneyland.

Luke didn't see one second of the haunted mansion and had his fingers in his ears.... The girls watched the whole thing.

Ivy and paisley liked riding the carousel
And we loved seeing the princesses in the parade. Baylie was dying to try and pull the sword out of the stone and everyone had to have a turn.

We decided to tell them the day before we were going since the anticipation is so much fun. All of our feet are so sore and seriously can't remember being this exhausted. So worth it.

A great family day and ill write more as I remember it. Kids are coming home from school soon poor things are probably tired.


Amber said...

That is SO SO SO awesome! Glad you got to go and that you had so much fun. Great memories.

brandon said...

sweet deal I would have seen less of haunted then Luke

RachelAA said...

Such an amazing day - so very cool. My favorite are the group picture attempts; fantastic

Heather said...

What fun! Love the pics of you wrangling the kids.

christy said...

Fun! Glad you had a great day out and are having great weather while it's snowing here.;) I need to go back to Disneyland CA, they have added some things since I was there ten years ago.

English Garden said...

I'm soooo jealous, we need to make a trip to Disneyland.

embot said...

Cute pictures!!!! what an exciting treat!!