Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Sunday!

I like church at 1 pm.

Jason made dinner.

Watched the movie newsies... Sundays are for musicals. :)

Snuggled on the couch with three girls after being exhausted jumping like a maniac at church entertaining the kids in singing. The one woman show has begun.

Darby is super into doing her own hair and very creative about it. :). Darby and I have been battling over piano practice but I think finally made a truce.

Baylie loves wearing her dangling clip on earrings. And can't get fancy enough. Her and Darby matched the whole week to school.

Paisley is so sweet and talking up a ton. She is my buddy lately.

Ivy officially digs nursery and throwing her plate on the floor at dinner. She has some very strong opinions for being the smallest.

Luke read or played video games all weekend. He loves those little girls.
They love him back.


brandon said...

avi told me she thinks ivy will be sassy. p is so cute tell her stinky boy misses her

Alvhild Evans said...

Love this post!! They are all so cute. Love Darby's hair! She might have to teach me some of her tricks :)

Amberli said...

oh girl - i do not miss the one woman circus act days for me! but i know you're tearing it up! good luck :)

Nancy Jo said...

LOVE Darby's hair!! So fancy! Cute picture of Luke and the littlest! I am SURE you were great 'performing'!!