Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bama we love you

Alabama. Good food. Good people. Good radio stations. Land. Nana and grandpa. 3 days left , going to miss it already. Looking around at the ward today , I thought, well we did it. We all grew up. We ended up okay. and happy. People who have known me when i was still figuring out what kind of person I wanted to be. And always a good reminder the church is true no matter what accent you have or have lost.

Tomorrow is my little brothers birthday. The big 30. Don't worry the 30s are great.


brandon said...

nice y'all went to lewis s

Tanya said...

awe, we miss you. I drove past your hood on Sunday and thought about stopping then remembered you are out of town :D

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Soooooo FUN!