Thursday, January 3, 2013

You can hate us a little bit

If you are having a bad day you should stop reading right now.

We don't go back to school til the 14th!  

 you couldn't convince me that it would be better to be on a tropical island

the first week is under our belt and now I'm a little worried the end will be here too soon.

Jason and I saw the movie Lincoln last night, so great.

Courtney and Brandon and their families have gone so its just us with Nana and Grandpa.
Grandpa is still working so we haven't seen him too much but will be off soon.

and we played with Nana's underwater setting on her camera.

and Paisley no longer needs her swim vest :)


Jenn said...

Looks like fun! Can't believe you're swimming! It's freezing here.

Phillips Family said...

Great pictures!!! I wish my camera had an underwater setting. I love that my hair curling technique is making it all the way to "bama"! Holla!

Chris Garff said...

That is awesome of you under the water--I"m impressed Paisley is life jacket free. Looks like fun--you got a long Christmas break.

Amy Kennedy said...

Brooke, I never comment on your blog b/c I'm hardly ever logged in but I love keeping up w/y'all and think about you often! So glad you get to spend some time in Dothan w/the fam. Looks like everybody is having so much fun. That pool looks awesome. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your mom and dad. Your kids are all adorable! Happy new year!

Amber said...

Alabama looks good on you girl. So glad to see you looking so very happy! Happy New Year. We miss you over here in Cali though.

RachelAA said...

Yep, you nailed it, 100% jealous of all that pool action! Glad you're having fun.

brandon said...

wow paisley in big pool no vest impressed go paisley

Lindsey said...

Love the pictures! Looks like a great time. Paisley would be swimming now since she is a McCoy!! That is impressive!!

Mindy said...

This looks like such a party! FUNNNN!