Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Very Thankful

What am I thankful for this year?

that is easy.

Jason, Luke, Darby, Baylie, Paisley and Ivy.  They are my treasures.  Those kids roll with the punches of life have never complained about their change of life these two months.  We have prayed as a family and we are a team.  I'm so lucky to be bound to them for eternity. 

For the Savior and his church.  I know He loves us and is watching out for us.  His plan is better than any plan we could have for ourselves.  But more importantly I have learned again and again and am so grateful that He has saved us.  Spiritually and physically.  Our cupboards are full and the church is true.  He has thought of everything we could need.   I am so grateful

Our family.  We have quite the cheering corner for us and they are it.  Our parents, siblings and their spouses, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and I'm sure even our nieces and nephews are praying for us too.   We can feel it.  And they have shown us they love us in very tangible ways. 

Our home, with the little blue door.  It might be old and need repair, but it houses our family and we love it. Love it. 

Friends, for love and advice and support.

Our family has been shown so much kindness these last two months.  We are eating humble pie and it tastes delicious.  But also I can't remember the last time my heart has been touched over and over and over again.

Jason.  he deserves another.  He is a great man and has so much going for him.  Never doubt the man with so many mouths to feed! I had missed him.  I know he is more antsy than I am, but we have loved having our dad back and having a husband.  He knows what we do everyday now!  We eat dinner together!  Sometimes I felt like we were living two separate lives, ours in suburbia and his in hollywood, but now for this short time, we have been able to just be together.  I'm sure his work life will resume, but we can never replace this time together.  Its more time off than we've ever had!

I'm thankful for being a stay at home mom.  and I'm very thankful to see my parents in less than two weeks!

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