Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday

I had no love for cyber monday today.  There was one place I was hoping would have a coupon and it failed me.  It was for me too. 

Arizona.  We came, we went, we kicked some arizona butt.  Okay, so maybe just had lots of fun and hung out.  Love those Morleys and got to stop at Aunt Kathys too.  The girls picked the fruit off her trees like it was candy.  We were itching for a trip and the kids loved it.  The Morleys house is one of the few places I feel very comfortable.  And we played Mafia.  Love playing games with them. 

Blogger is telling me I can no longer put pictures or I have to pay a fee.  Is it time to jump ship to wordpress?  hmmm....  or do I just fork over the $2.49 a month?  I've been on blogger for five years now.

Lemon tree o Lemon tree.  did you know I have a lemon tree?  Of course not cause I gots no lemons! Who knows why.  But last nite after we had gotten home after a long ride home (can't avoid that holiday traffic!) and my stomach was sour (dang yummy food killed me!)...I made lemon tea.  Cause thats all I could handle.  I boiled some water, broke up some leaves.  Let is soak.  and guess what?  If you put enough honey in it tastes divine.  so I had four cups.

It looks like Christmas decorations barfed all over my living room.  The girls were thrilled.

I didn't get to go to Luke's end of the season football party.  Thought the coaches wouldn't appreciate little girls running wild over there (cause it was two teams!).  But I was bummed.  and jealous that Jason would get to hear exactly how they raved about having Luke on the team.  That is my guilty pleasure.  Love hearing about awesome he is, especially cause that boy gets a bad rap sometimes (maybe due to my fire-Pam stories).  And I knew Jason would just say, "they said he was great' even when they didn't say that they said some sweet nice thing. So I stayed home and busted out the Christmas explosion instead. 

When they got home, I had .Jason tell me exactly.  and I loved it. 

Gotta run.  Trying to button up the Christmas. 


Amber said...

It must be a new rule cuz me and Beth both got the same thing from google. Saying we have past our 1 GB limit. I forked over the $2.49 a month. At least it's cheap. But still irritating.

the happy thomas family said...

I got the same message from Google. Irritating.

Beth said...

SAME. i am paying it for now!!

burtons*north said...

come to wordpressssss........
same thing happened to me. :)