Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lets talk about something happy

Tuesday is Piano day and the kids used up all the chalk. 

quite a masterpiece and about 5 different hopscotch spots. 

but Megan E. (whose mom comes over to teach piano)
thought of the most inventive one. 


but she did tell me she wrote an 8 year old and up warning. 
As a pretty chill mom, I was a little alarmed about it
little girls like to watch big girls and do what they do

but then i let Darby just try it with me watching and nobody else was outside

cause she is getting closer to 8

 verdict:  She said her feet hurt afterwards

I finally read the first of Luke's now favorite books. 

It took me a lot longer than it takes him

maybe because all the characters were mice, rats, or other rodents?

baylie drew a picture of me.  I am hot!

paisley with a funny smirk on her face drawing too.  monkey see monkey do


Alvhild Evans said...

Love this post! That's an awesome idea for hopscotch! And cute pictures of the girls :)

brandon said...

Baylie has artist genes beautiful girls ! cool book

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Jumping off ledge - ouchies, that is high! The girls are beautiful! Can't wait to see them!!