Thursday, November 8, 2012


Here has what has consoled me about the election (besides a good heart to heart with my Obama voting friend who even brought me dinner last nite, I mean, seriously?  She is amazing.).

"Men may fail this country, earthquakes may come, seas may heave beyond their bounds, there may be great drought, disaster, and hardship, but this nation, founded on principles laid down by men whom God raised up, will never faith.  This is the cradle of humanity, where life on this earth began in the Garden of Eden.  This is the place of the New Jerusalem.  This is the place that the Lord said is favored above all other nations in all the world.  This is the place where the Savior will come to His temple.  This is the favored land in all the world.  yes, I repeat, men may fail, but this nation won't fail.  I have faith in America; you and I must have faith in America, if we understand the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are living in a day when we must pay heed to these challenges.

"I please with you not to preach pessimism.  Preach that this is the greatest country in all the world.   This is the favored land.  This is the land of our forefathers.  It is the nation that will stand despite whatever trials or crises it may yet have to pass through."

President Harold B. Lee, Ye are the Light of the World.  

President Lee was a prophet of the church who was born in 1899 and died in 1973.  I know there is a few Mormon stuff in it, so just grab those cute missionaries off those bikes if you have questions.

His words are still true and I'm clinging to them.     The pit in my stomach hasn't gone away, but we must still go on.  I'm still just sick about it, but life still goes on.  That is what I'm teaching my kids.  Bad crap happens and you don't stop.  Life is a bumpy road!

I even said a prayer for President Obama, cause that man surely needs it!  But I don't have the anger...or at least a lot less.  I should pray for those 51 percent of you also cause I will never understand your choice.  (Libya, 6 trillion deficit, federally funded abortions, traditional marriage, healthcare, large government, ...I could go all day) California voted for more taxes, apparently people don't like their money.  Thankfully its not my job to understand.

I feel very connected with all the Republicans because of this election.  We are united and we still live here.  I also liked this post from Shannon in bama.  The Lord can use anyone to do His work!

Mitt Romney will always hold reverence and awe in our home, the man is great.  We could have the best!  I think I'm going to write him a letter!

Okay, we will resume my normal messes and mayhem.  And if I never hear another campaign commercial it will be wonderful. 


Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout is hard and I do have a knot in my stomach that I think has grown in the past 24 hours at the reality of what these results mean. All of that to say that I have to turn my focus to Him.
I'm praying for your family and specifically for a job for your man!
Love keeping up with you via blogging.

brandon said...
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Amber said...

I swiped your quote for my own blog. Thanks.

Amber said...

Oh and I totally agree. That "Obama voting friend" is pretty dang awesome! ;-)

Beth said...

LOVE that quote!!! Soooo good. And Obama-voting friend is super grateful for Romney-voting neighbor as well ;)

Nancy Jo said...

Great quote! Loved the pictures of the kids by the Romney signs. My heart hurts for them. So close.