Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh my Barf

Our house reeks.  Our car reeks.  We hit new records in the last 12 hours.

Everyone was barfing.  Everyone but Ivy.  But she is recovering from falling off the stool 7 a.m. yesterday morning.  Right when I was putting muffins in the oven so we could have something eat before we left at 7:30 a.m. for Luke's last football game.

It was the superbowl and Luke's team was in the number one spot.  They lost by one point by the only team who had beat them all season...the team who had accused them of stacking.  We really wanted to win, and the boys were really upset...but it was an awesome game and Luke scored the only two touchdowns of the game.  It was pretty awesome seeing him breakaway both times and run the whole length of the field.  Oh yes, and I forgot my camera.  But the game was cute since it was the superbowl they had all these balloons and fun music playing during the breaks.  Oh well, ya win some ya lose some.  It was still the best team he has played on and the best coach.

I had felt off all day but then was just thinking it was exhaustion, and stress and looking at Ivy's owie on her head that was still bleeding and stitch debatable.  But we were so excited to go to Sadie's birthday party!  And see Lindsey's new house.

The kids had a blast but I was starting to feel sick.  And Jason was too.  But we had just driven an hour to get there.  Which leads us to another broken record.  The first time he threw up in 17 years (last time was in the Canary Islands on his mission from some lentil soup).  The time before that he was 11 I think.  So we left in the hurry and drove the hour back home.

That was a long hour.  I 'lost my lunch' about five times and Darby did three.  The car was unbareable to we drove with the windows down on the freeway freezing and holding our bags of barf.  Darby's leaked everywhere.

Got everyone in bed and cleaning up the mess, and then the barf-capades began.  Darby and Baylie didn't make it in the bowl or toilet so their newly cleaned room was covered.  covered.  Jason is my new hero cause that man cleaned up every inch while he was green but I was greener.

Luke hit about 11 and Paisley about 3.  they would go another hour and then everyone (literally all five of us) would have another round of puke.  Thankfully every made it into containers the rest of the nite except Paisley once.  Once their tummies were empty they could sleep but Ivy was wide awake.  So we took turns patting her (cause we trying to limit our cooties at this point) and patting her and patting and praying she wouldn't be next.  She woke up on and off the next few hours and all the girls were finally up by 7 a.m. (baylie at 5:30)

I have never seen and heard so much barfing.  It was a ton.  Thankfully I'm not feeling like death anymore which is why I want to type this.   Why speak of barf?  cause I need to know that we survived this day.  So hard taking care of sick kids when we are sick ourselves.  But we made it through the nite.  Even worse than the two times I got the flu when I was nursing Ivy which previously held most miserable record for me.

oh yes, and the whole time riding in car home I'm thinking about how sad we had gone to my sisters and hope no one gets sick and trying to get a sub for my sunday school class...found out a few other people from church are sick too.  oh man

I hope Ivy's head gets better but thankfully she is acting great. Right at the hairline.  17 months...this is prime injury age so from what I learned from Baylie,  keep as many eyes on them as you can.  always.  I was thrown from being tired and cooking and thats all it takes.  2 seconds.

And Jason gets man of the year award.  For being barf cleaner extraordinaire and for completely taking the Paisley shift.  He gets to sleep in as his reward. 

and its officially movie day at our house. 


RachelAA said...

Oh.My.Word. Ugh - if I could, I'd hire a house cleaner as the reward for you all. You guys rock - now go rest!!

Beth said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I agree. You deserve a housekeeper to come over stat! Man, I feel your pain in some regards but I think you take the cake w/ the whole fam sick. Audrey has barfed in the car at least twice, and once we had to get it professionally cleaned bc we couldn't get rid of the smell. Maybe it was just stuck in our noses. I will send you a text. If you need anything over the next couple days you need to let me know. I can drop off gatorade, gingerale, you name it! You and your fam are troopers!

Courtney said...

So so sorry.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! Hopefully it's a short lived bug and you to it all over with at one time. I guess that could be better than having one person sick everyday for a week. Hope you're all feeling better today.

Crazy Lady said...

yes thankfully very fast. and yes beth i hope you don't get it for hanging around me friday.

i don't think a anyone else should clean our house. i wouldn't be able to look them in the eye :)

Mindy said...

Definitely praying for you guys today!

Nancy Jo said...

Sounds terrible! Hope & pray it gets over quickly and no one else gets it!! Jason is the man for cleaning up - the worst job in the world!! Hope Ivy heals quickly too!

Andrea said...

Oh that is horrible, so sorry! Throw up is the worst, I know I have some to look forward to someday, but I'm not sure my stomach will take it. Good work to you and Jason both! Feel better soon!

Laura said...

Oh man, that sounds terrible. Glad it at least seemed short lived.