Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jabari Style

So when I picked up Darby from school, I'm pulling up to the valet line and she is holding a cupcake (that was brown) and yelling, MOM THIS IS SO GRoss.  THIS IS GROSSEST CUPCAKE EVER!  and I can see her teacher stifling a laugh.  She didn't have to even tell me.  Mormon kid first tasting coffee flavor.  She chucked it.  What 2nd grader picks mocha cupcakes to pass out for their birthday?
I love that my uncle Rick is on FB.  he is a die hard BYU fan and I love seeing him tail gating to all the games and my cute cousin Jessica and her husband Jason.  It made my heart warm that they took my 90 year old grandpa to the blackout homecoming game (which we lost ...but wasn't it Notre Dame?).
Anyway, so they were posting a picture of Jabari Parker at the game and I'm crossing my fingers and goes that he goes to BYU.
He is such a neat young man.
Here is a newsclip on him

and because Luke used to watch the Teach me how to Jimmer video on repeat, here is
and how old does that BYU student look?  

ya funny story.  i knew that guy looked too old to be an undergrad!
So, the singer is my brother in law's brother in law.  get it?  or courtney's husbands sister's husband.  small small mormon world


Sara Jane said...

That video is funny. I want to go back and walk around BYU so bad.

Too funny about Darby and her mocha. I can't stand the flavor...Chris loves the flavor, why??, I love the smell, not the taste.

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Thank you for introducing Pacen to his new favorite song! Pacen and Jabari are tight ever since his fireside. :) He's seriously upstairs brushing his teeth singing, "Hey...jabari!" Wouldn't that be awesome though??? Than would be in heaven.

Lindsey said...

Jeff Jordan--Isn't that Carl's bro in law! it totally looks like him singing that video.

Courtney said...

Yeah. That's Jeff. My kids have been listening to it a ton. How did you find out about it?

Alyssa Kekauoha said...

I watched the video Brooke and I couldn't help but laugh really hard and two of my friends are in it at the very end haha.

Crazy Lady said...

court. a sixteen year old boy who was at my house. how many kids does he have?

alyssa! which ones!>

Crazy Lady said...

Sara, yes i do two, but really i just feel like an old lady there now

Crazy Lady said...

Erica, even better since I first heard of Jabari because of you guys!

Alyssa Kekauoha said...

the two polynesian guys at the end are both on the men's rugby team at BYU and I work with them as part of my major :)