Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Okay, so this week is my first really busy Paparazzi week. 
Tuesday in Acton, CA a night party.  Wahoo.  Fun and done. 
Thursday in La Crescenta during the day and Canyon Country at night.
The La Crescenta one is the first time I'm going to person's house I've never met.  I'm just kicking down the door of my comfort zone this week!
Friday I'm going to the junior high Sierra Vista teacher's lounge during their lunch
and Friday night I'll be at Lauren's Christmas of many vendors.
Busy week.  Now if I can just figure out my transporting better I'll be peachy. 
I had it down, (where all the jewelry doesn't fall off) then I changed something and now its a bit off (haven't figured out how to rig it again).  But I better think quick.
If you want to catch one of these, you are welcome to visit.
Here is the info for Friday night.  7 to 9:30
27249 Golden Willow Way; (her home alone will make you want to move here)
Its a boutique and there will also be onsite waxing, purses, scentsy, cards, men's stuff and a bunch more.


RachelAA said...

Way to go! I'm curious what you decided as far as transporting!

Alvhild Evans said...


Beth said...

That's awesome Brooke!!! I am gifting a bunch of Paparazzi this Xmas. :)