Monday, October 29, 2012

You Cant Say I'm Vain

Here is our little ladybug with her friend Emberlynn.

Can't you recognize the inside of an LDS church building anywhere?

This pictures are from our wards Trunk of Treat.
One of the best ones I might add cause so many adults dressed up.
Dang awesome costumes, but Papa Smurf and Smurfettte won it for me.
And we busted out a Thriller flash mob.
Baylie, was crying after, mom, i didn't get to see your dance? 
why not baylie?
Cause Luke kicked me and said we should keep going for more candy.
Yep that sums up.  The kids were all in different directions.
Darby was solo I think (not recommended)
Luke and Baylie stuck together (this is a theme)
Paisley went with a cute 10 year old girl. 
Ivy stuck with me passing out candy and then went with dad to get her own. 

Do you know what five children means?

A ton of candy.


okay, so without further delay,
there is the McCoy family of seven Halloween picture.
And your welcome for posting such an unflattering pic of myself
so generous I am. 

The boy Luke.  Halloween is changing for this boy.
Can't twist his arm or coerce him into anything (wait, thats not new!)

A little back story on my costume. 
so Jason and i just weren't feeling it this year.
But we always dress up.  Always.
but just felt like duds. 
we were like, but thats so cliche, you are unemployed and in the dumps so you don't dress up.
so we had to do something.
but time was running out.
we had to be there like like 20 minutes.

they can dress regular but just have a messed up face.

Jason didn't buy it.
but he did wear cool aviator glasses indoors to go with his mullet

But i was committed. 
so i'm putting on makeup and luke comes in
mom you don't look like a zombie at all
you aren't scary.
then jason comes in.  "less white more blood"

well, I'll show them I thought. 

and that boy Luke couldn't look at me once the whole nite
nor the drive over.
even worse when it was dark.
sooo maybe i took it a bit too far 
or maybe my dumpy mood was channeled into blood and gore
who knows.

ivy and girls were not phased. 

oh yes and the shirt we had just been gifted a hand me down for luke :)
Just in time.


Amber said...

I thought your zombie makeup was great. Totally gross. You did an awesome job on it. Plus it fit with the flash mob which was way cool!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved the Halloween pictures! Made my day! Your zombie was great!

RachelAA said...

Seriously you're fricken awesome. Way to go Brooke, you show that dumpy mood :)