Thursday, October 25, 2012


Here is the picture of what the yahoos did to our yard.
 There were holes dug out everywhere,
 kinda like they went swinging golf clubs everywhere?
 Other parts looked like a shovel or garden hoe attacked it.
this picture shows part of it.
It happened the nite of the second debate. 
 The first presidential debate they stole our Romney sign.
oh what will the election nite bring?
And do we dare put up the sign again?
I'm betting on teenagers?  Although wondering what they hoped to gain by it. 
Mostly I wished I hung a huge sign the next day
saying, "Thank you lawn destroyers, for teaching my five young children
how NOT to behave.  And how Obama supporters shouldn't!"
or some other super witty dig to the heart.
or maybe i need to leave cookies so my house doesn't get egged?

okay, so are you ready for the greatest picture ever?
I know thats a bold statement cause we have hilarious picture
all the dang time but here is a winner
it was Jasons idea, he gets credit.
Brandon and Cori sent us a fun halloween package
and it has this awesome wig in it.
and they thought the picture looked like Jason. 
and I couldn't believe how much it looked like Jason!
so of course we had to recreate it to get the full affect. 

maybe he should go into modeling?


brandon said...

That is really messed up those bigots did that and Jason is famous !

Beth said...

That really is the best picture ever.

Adam and Lisa said...

Haha, I had not seen that! Awesome!!!