Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures of our October Life

October is almost over. 
Man oh man October, you turned us on our head.
Feel like we have learned more in one month than all year. 

But lets lighten it up and show some pictures of what this month was like.

Piano practicing.  
This is a typical sight at our house and I love it.
I don't care how much they groan, I love it when they play.
I love it even more when they go and play just because they like to.
Darby is learning a Harry Potter song right now.

 Next, we have Baylie pushing Ivy in the stroller.
Have I mentioned its still 80 degrees in October?
yes, that also means in my house but we don't even care.
But we are not making soup.

Luke reads probably 50 percent of his life.  No joke.
its the biggest thing i get on to him about it.
Right now he is reading Redwall...over and over and over again.
We have like 6 of them I think. I've heard there are 20 but I try to stay away from libraries :)

One day when Jason was cleaning out the garage for a few hours, Baylie was pushing Ivy, Luke was just sitting here on the steps reading.  Next to the fake cobwebs.  For at least an hour.
 Oh yes, and October brings red ribbon week.
And with 3 kids in school we really represent.
We did wear red day, No picture but all were decked out in red.
Hat day, check
Next crazy hair day.  

Here is Darby with the remains of her crazy hair doing one of
Grandma Daltons puzzles.
She loves them and I love them that they were hers.
We are really into puzzles at our house right now.

 Paisley loves puzzles. 
And she is quite the stylist, rocking this outfit.
Those boots we found in the garage clean up.
Her and Baylie (yes I had two pair!)
have worn them to church with their dresses,
to school, outside, 80 degrees.

Paisley loves to boogie, and shake it.

here are Baylie and Darby, BFFs sporting their crazy hair dos
And matching jackets :)

On Friday, Jason and I had the best surprise.
Our pal Christie babysat us for free
and her family treated us to a free movie and dinner!
It was a thank you for taking Christie to early morning seminary last week,
which they didn't have to do cause I have enjoyed it.
Its so inspiring seeing those teenagers go to class at the church at 5:50 a.m.
Has reminded me when I did that, those were really influential days in my life
Which is why I think its so important to go.
And why I offered to drive a while.  Also and that I love that girl.
(Today she turned 16! watch out world, here Christie comes!)

Anyway, back to our free date...
It was in the afternoon!  It was amazing and our first date in soo long
We took our ipad while we ate
and planned out the next fews months and longer
(Thanks Lisa Thomas!)

When we came, this is what I found.
Luke 'asleep' on the trampoline.
With his fort. 

Can you spot him?

Nearly Goodbye October,
I'm a little nervous for November I'm not going to lie. 
Wish us luck. 


Beth said...

I am so happy you had that date!!! Awesome!

And the pic of Paisley is amazing. Love it.

Nancy Jo said...

I love all the pictures!!! Crazy hair day was funny! That is great they are playing the piano! Love that Luke loves to read! Thanks for sharing!!

brandon said...

Beautiful girls

RachelAA said...

I love that picture of Luke reading!

Alvhild Evans said...

I'm in love with all the pictures! Especially the crazy hair and matching outfits! :)

Adam and Lisa said...

Haha, Paisley's outfit is the best!