Monday, October 15, 2012

Whats Up

Yes Princess Merida is allowed in the bath.  

My girls love baths as much as I do.  A very warm bath can cure many things I believe. 

check out this darling family picture Baylie drew.

Sure seems like a lot of us when we are in pen form. 

Whats new?  Hows it going?  Is that what you want to ask me?


Jason and I are giving ourselves a pat on the back
for being totally spend free for over three weeks now. 
Thats quite an accomplishment. 
Or we say so ourselves.
Serious I can hardly believe how little we have spent.
Cause I'm a pretty great spender.
I have bought a very few staples like Milk and produce.
But nothing else.  Not even red box.
And we are keeping our quality of life nicely.
Probably cause my freezer and pantry was stocked up.
And TV is our entertainment ...downton abbey specifically, castle, and once upon a time.
This is the happiest I have been in a while, which is just strange considering.
(maybe its because I was so crabby this summer?)
But my load has been lightened.
No money I can least for a while longer.

Remember that year I didn't cook.  Like at all.
 Only 'prepared' food or did pre-made, super easy stuff.
Well here begins the year of the opposite.
A season for everything right?
Well no cooking was the season of surviving.
This is now the season of stretching.

Homemade.  Home cooking.  Family time. 

I do love to cook and bake and with an extra set of hands around, its been so nice.
Thoughts I've had lately...what are necessities? 
Goat cheese, no (at least right now).  Coke Zero, yes :)

The big question is, 
What am I going to do with the biggest bag of spinach and carrots
that is taking up so much room in my refrigerator?  Any ideas?  Pretty please :)  

I officially am postponing my homemade Christmas party, at least a year.
But I'm itching to have a craft night with all these supplies I already have. 
And a game nite with friends
 (this is when having so  many children poses a problem..
when we want to invite people, the kid tally adds up fast). 
Maybe I can do it in shifts :)

I am loving having Jason home.  Its as great as I always imagined it would be.
When he gets a job I'm going to cry.  For joy and cause I will be sad to see him go back. 

But one thing is for sure, we are not going back to our 'regular' life
This month (or months who knows) has changed us...for good (Wicked reference for ya :)


christy said...

Blend up the spinach and have some green smoothies!

Nancy Jo said...

Love the pic of Paisley in the tub! Baylie's picture is priceless! I love your attitude!

Alvhild Evans said...

Love the pictures. Brooke you are such an inspiration!

P.S. I should call you sometime for cooking tips. My dinner ideas are getting slim.

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Love that family portrait! Miss you guys :)

Beth said...

spinach in smoothies, or mix with your basil and make pesto. roast the carrots.

yes to game nights. so glad you guys are hangin' in !!!

sara said...

Congrats on not spending and being happy about it!! I sure hope he gets a job soon!!

Amberli said...

i love that not spending feeling! we're tightening our spending to save for holidays and kids' bdays. so liberating to not spend money, right? weird. k for the spinach, we've been doing daily green smoothies. that helped me not waste spinach this time around, bc it seems like i'm always throwing away produce gone bad. and the carrots, i used to make a yummy carrot soup! mmm! perfect for fall. i'll look through my recipes and send it your way.

Ashley said...

I've never commented before but have been a blog stalker (reader), ha, for awhile, I just wanted to tell you I admire you, you have a wonderful attitue and things will def work out, keep smiling and doing what your doing!
Ashley :)

Ashley said...

should have said "attitude", I promise I can spell, lol! :)

Adam and Lisa said...

You like Downton Abbey, too?! Woohoo!!! Btw, I totally freeze my spinach. I put it into shakes, lasagna, and scrambled eggs. Good stuff. And use the carrots in butternut squash or cheese soup. Those two veggies are on my mind because that's what I have, too, haha.