Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nothing like Kindergarten

Baylie was 'the Flavor of the Week" this week which means she filled out a poster about herself, took home Brenda the dog, filled out a paper on Brenda, donated to the estimation bag and got to be the line leader all week.  WHEW!  what a week.  How fun is kindergarten?  truly the best since 1st grade all the toys are put away and its all business.  (Luke constantly reminds me he got a mean kindergarten teacher, which was true, but his preschool was wonderful).  

Doesn't everyone want to be the line leader and the flavor of the week?

Brenda was a good companion and I'm just glad we didn't lose her.  

 this trampoline picture is funny because Baylie's skirt is flying up all poofy.  
You can see what the desert sun has done to it and what the kids have done to the rest of it, but we still LOVE IT!  and my dying garden in the background. 

these little baby chairs are the favorite place to spot for a long time after the girls are babies.
although you have to give up if like your one year old sister wants to sit in it. 
 Speaking of well loved toys and trampolines.  this little slide we got from my parents when Luke was one and my dad was visiting on his 50th birthday.   At the time we kept it in the house when I was apartment managing.  But we have done so much with this thing, good sturdy plastic, what would we do without you?  

so if you turn it out on its side it makes a fun fort and i don't know what the slide is doing but its the most coveted spot right now and actually tricky to get out.  

one day i would like a book of all the pictures when all five are together.  cause its rare and some of them are funny.  like this one.  i mean, when they are older, how many times can i get all five in this close of proximity when they are just hanging out?  hopefully lots.  maybe if there are cookies like this one.  

paisley has decided she wants to throw up today.  personally i think she picked the perfect weather, cold and rainy.  i almost cried when i looked at my thermostat and it was in the 70s.  its the little things in life!  thank you mother earth!


Nancy Jo said...

Oh Baylie is so cute! Good thing she got it early in the school year - it is going to be well loved! Love all the pictures of the kids! Great picture of Baylie in action on the trampoline!! Funny what they did with the slide. Hope Paisley is feeling better & no one else in the family gets the sickies.

Lindsey said...

What a great idea with the slide! And cute pictures of Baylie. So fun. Kindergarten is the best!

brandon said...

We are praying for you and have incredibly high hopes