Monday, October 1, 2012

Spiritually Fed

So many thoughts, here they are in no particular order

1.  Wished I would have wrote about this Saturday nite.  Carpe Diem (RA taught me that) cause Sunday I felt like junk.

2.  No news on the job front.  Okay well not true, news every day.  One great interview under his belt, we shall see.  We are well aware whose hands our life is in so not to worry.  Strange optimistic even, must be all the prayers on our behalf (and half of them are our own!)  We chugg along. But ya know, no like big job announcement.  So far we are fine.  Excellente.  Want for nothing.  Operation don't spend a buck is going nicely.  Operation Christmas no spend a buck is on my brain as well.  Afterall, its now October. 

3.  finally finished reading Jane Eyre.  Dang that book took me forever.  Finished it about a week AFTER the book club I went to for it.  I have seen the movie first, an old one (I've been told there are many versions).  The book is way better of course and can't believe I've never read it.  Actually not true.  There are plenty of books I have not read.  I was pleasantly surprised.   Cried twice.  Now I want to watch the movie again. 

4.  Paisley's new phrase is 'NO FAIR!" man oh man

Okay, onto the real reason our my post. 

Saturday nite I went to Relief Society General Conference which is once a year and for all the women in the church around the world, broadcast from Salt Lake.
There was a regime change (oh wait, probably not good to put it like that) and we have a new General Relief Soceity President, Linda Burton.  She is great.  (they are all great, strong, classy women)
While I have not shed one tear about Jason's losing his job, I cried through the whole thing on Saturday.  Bawled.  Was so moved by the powerful stories told I thought I would share my notes.  Obviously you can get the real deal via 

Sister Burton spoke of the early church pioneers, who made their way across the United States, many on foot and under harsh circumstances, leaving their worldly possessions.  She quoted Elder Holland saying, "What can we put in our hand cart?"  Not everything can fit and some must be left on the sides.  She told a story of a young girl who was married at 17 (wow!) and tlost her baby shortly after he was born and then her husband 20 days later.  She was 19 then and alone, in a new place, and wished she could die herself and join her family.  She was depressed and as Sister Burton said, Satan knows when to hit us.  But she found strength and comfort in the power of the Atonement, which has true power to heal and buoy us up.

"All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement"

She then described the analogy (which is from the primary lessons I have taught) of us being a big pit.  We cannot get out.   Only Christ can lower the ladder to help us out of the pit.  But he doesn't just lower it, he comes down in the pit to help us out.  Christ desires to direct and empower us and having the enabling power of the Atonement to live in us.

She then goes on to say that the Atonement is the greatest evidence that the Lord loves his children.  The supreme act of love.  And what is our worth to Him?   John 3:16

okay so i'm running out of time and my kids need me so i'll have to make the rest quick.  Here are the other notes I took from the other speakers.

We as daughters of God should be vigilant about checking the conditions of our hearts.  Our hearts have been changed, but can we feel so now?  If not, why not?  

It isn't enough to be on the journey, we must be awake to our faith.

then the first counselor told a great story about their stake yw trek and ask me and i'll tell you about. 

Sister Reeves told a story about she met a 70 year old woman named Molly who was working at a museum in Australia where they visited.  Molly never married, never had children, was an only child, but parents were passed away, and had only 2 cousins who lived on another continent.  Sister Reeves had the distinct impression that Molly was not alone.  That to Heavenly father she was an important daughter and remembered by Him.

then she recounted the story of Martha and Mary, who came to Jesus when their brother Lazarus had died.  Martha met him first, then Mary.  Then the scriptures told of the greatest thing, Jesus wept.  He wept because of the sorrow and grief of these two women.  (and He weeps for us when we are also in pain).

Sister Reeves than told of a time when her husband was sick and not improving.  The future looked bleak and that he would die and leave her with their large family of small children to raise alone.  She was ashamed to say that she turned away from the Lord out of anger and frustration and did not pray.  But after a few days she realized she could not do it alone.  She prayed and repented to him and said regarding the possibility of her husbands death, "I will do it"  For she knew He has a plan for her and trusted Him.  She said it was if at that moment He spoke to her soul, "That is all I needed to know, " and shortly her husband improved and became well.

Years later her 17 year old daughter was about to die and she with her husband, although very sad, felt peace and trusted in Him.  She then quotes one of my favorite scriptures.  "Come to me, all ye that labour and our heavy laden.  and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

okay times up, still haven't covered one last talk but I hope you get the gist.

Times can be tough.  If they aren't for you right now, they are for someone else.  okay, that reminds me of Elder Eyrings I'll tell ya quick.

He asked, "What comes next for willing hands to do?"  Service will not come at a convenient times and often we will feel we cannot do it.  But it is important to remember what the Good Samaritan did not do as much as he did do.  He did not pass by the injured man like the Levite and the Priest before him.  He did not pass by.

I know there are many ways that I can help those around me and hope to be able to seize those opportunities.  Thank you for all you have have asked and worry about our little family.  We love you.  Big hug from me.  None of us are ever alone.


okay, one last story.

So President Eyring told a story about his daughter who was six months pregnant with her third child, and had 3 and 5 year old daughters and lived out of state.  She was like in the kitchen cooking and started to bleed badly.  Just then there was a knock on her door and it was her visiting teaching companion who just felt like she should stop by (what a miracle!).  They rushed to the hospital and she delivered an emergency surgery, 15 weeks early, with her new daughter weighing 1 lb.  Within hours her bishop had emailed her husband the following, "The Relief Society President has it all under control!" and then told her about how their local congregation had already planned for short and long term needs, watching other children, meals, etc.  the email went on "Keep the faith and enjoy that cute little baby girl of yours."  This story touched me so because I know so many women like that (Jackie Finnigan!) who within hours would have all the needs of a family met and rallied support from lots of hands.  President Erying talked about us women being unified society of sisters... and great service is provided.  That is why the relief society is cool. 


Amber said...

I cried all over again. What a great recap. U took excellent notes. It was a wonderful meeting.

Good luck on the job front. We r praying for u too!!! A few extra prayers never hurt right?

gina said...

Zac and I hung out with Josh and Elizabeth at BYU, Josh was one of Zac's good friends from freshman year! It was so fun to hear a story about them in confrence. Hey we will be praying for you guys! Hope this job thing is short lived! Love you guys!