Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ten pretend dollars if you can guess what is on her face?


Well can you guess who put it on her face? 

Last Chance...


Its wet chalk.

 well now its dried on their face.

but they wet it to a paste to get it there.

Hooray! okay not so hooray. 

poor poor last baby.  She is loved more than she would like 

can remember if i put this gem on the blog

darby's creation for fathers day

what a handsome dad she has

seriously he should go into modeling maybe

Darby's self portrait.  

i asked her about eyebrows but she said no

this is her portrait of her friend with Ashlynn. 

ironically (she says with an evil laugh)
this note was written before the whole unemployed thing

after i helped clean there room and was disgusted with how many toys we have 

really, we don't need anymore. 

and yet those are my fondest memories of Christmas

here's to new memories of christmas

where we don't have to forklift there room

did i mention jason knows how to drive a forklift from a previous job

see we like to keep all our options open

he also knows how to load large trucks with mcdonalds supplies, 
take your tickets and sweep movie theatres
hand out jock straps in the mens lockroom
clean carpets from Chem Dry
and run from a burning vehicle (that they were driving) from a landscaping business

but alas, he is rusty on some of those since they were a long time ago.

but back to darby's note. 

and here is my reply. 

we are officially in the note age and i love it.
even if her view is slanted....always mad?  sheesh! (or caught, dang it!)


Sara Jane said...

Darby is quite the artist--I love it.. and her note is hilarious. You will be one brave person to add an animal to the family.

Glad there was an interview and other stuff in the works. I am praying for you and I was thinking about it the other day--people do and can get jobs quickly--and we need to hear more of those kinds of stories--not the ones where unemployment is drawn out. I'm praying for you so that we can all have a happy (somewhat-no unemployment is good)--and we did have one of those ourselves.

christy said...

looks like a blue clay mask I used to have. Love Darby's artistry!

brandon said...

What does darby note actually say ?

Nancy Jo said...

Wouldn't have guessed chalk.. oh my. Darby is a great artist! Tell your kids Santa will bring them presents, love Santa's helper

embot said...

I seriously love your notes. that is a great, great stage and that was the PERFECT answer.

Go mom go!

Mindy said...

Too bad Blogger doesn't have a LIKE BUTTON!!! :-)