Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating Cactus

I love my blog because it feels like I'm talking to myself.   Like crazy inner dialogue, maybe because I lack adult interaction?  The blog has become tangible to me, somewhere to put my thoughts.  I'm kinda addicted. 

And I just put the search on the blog and typed in 'budget' and up popped all these other millions of times I was trying to save money.  

Shopped at my favorite middle eastern market today (without kids, holla!  there are perks to no job thank you very much) and fell in love again.  Seriously love that place where I can't read any labels.  Farsi, Indian, Spanish, and some I'm not even sure.   Cause I can read cheap.  Five onions for 80 cents.  Thank you.  Plus the one in SCV has way better parking and crowds.  That should be the slogan for SCV "Way better parking and less crowds"  Maybe the city should hire me to do their promos

But back to the market.  Its a little bit out of my way and for the last year I've just needed to do one stop shopping.  Time and seasons, with a baby I'm in survival mode, whatever is easiest.  but glad to remember that there are so many options to stretch a buck.  

Ya know what else turned out to be a good idea?  Paparazzi, thank you very much.  So glad I already set it up before. 

Cause sure enough that was the first thing I did when I found out about Jason's job was send out an evite so I could make some money honey.

Here is some Baylie shoe tying proof. 

and another awesome thing about cheap markets.

Strange, different food. 

Here is cactus!

(Thanks Maureen who introduced me to this many years ago)

Handle with care (tongs always)
It doesn't look like there are stickers on it but I don't want to find out.
There are even tongs at the store so you can put it in a bag.

Peel off outside, and eat the middle. 

Swallow the seeds...fiber :)
I talked Luke into trying a bite, Paisley liked it.
Not every day you can say you ate some cactus. 

We liked the green better, tastes kinda like honey dew melon.

I'm strangely very happy right now and have no worldly reason to be.   Plus I had a good workout (free at the church) this morning so that helps.   Feel like our priorities are realigned and its just too bad it takes unemployment to snap you back to what matters.

ps.  Paisley has bloomed.  Talking all the time.  You can tell she is so happy to be able to finally express herself.  I knew she was smart as a whip, just needed her mouth to catch up.  Its so fun to hear what she has to say, ya know when she isn't screaming :)


brandon said...

Baylie is very pretty glad to hear p talking interested to hear here personality blossom

Nancy Jo said...

Baylie looks gorgeous! Cactus is a funny fruit. I am impressed you like it. That is great Paisley is talking more - wahoooo!

Andrea said...

Hi Brooke,

Just caught up on your blog and wanted to pass along my "good luck" vibe. Its good to be positive about this. Have a bro-in-law that his family went through this and it sucked, but it has worked out now. I know things will work out, just hang on for the ride and being positive will hopefully help. We'll be praying for you guys! (And awesome about the jewelry, I've been to one party of those, they are great!)