Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Break

I'm starting to think Darby was right.  Its awesome having Jason home.  Like unbelieveably awesome.  So if we can just keep the faith and positive attitude and not worry about the money part, I'm enjoying every minute of seeing him.  I'm sure I'm a broken record, but I feel like we have seen him more these last 2 weeks than the last 6 months.  When he goes back to work (still unknown when) I'm so glad we have been able to catch our breath for a minute.

We are happy.  The kids prayers are so sweet and heart melting.  Jason and I talked about how we haven't even missed going out to eat or spending things, I'm sure thats part of the power of prayer.

General conference was great, I still need to hear a few from Saturday morning but the big news here is ...


The church changed the age requirement from 19 year old boys and 21 year old girls to boys can be eligible to leave when they are 18 after graduating from high school and girls can go on missions at 19!

So as a mother this definitely changes my focus and game plan cause for Luke, that means he needs to be prepared earlier (spiritually and financially) and the girls have no reason not to fully expect them to serve now as well.  What this will do for the missionary numbers of the church which will increase tons for girls in my opinion and make for a new dynamic of students at BYU (freshman class starting at age 20?).  It was so exciting hearing the announcement from President Monson, and definitely changes the future of our family!

So Jason got to be with us during all of fall break!

Here is a picture from 3:28 p.m. ...yes thats a perk of unemployment and no he rarely takes naps he is hard at work trying to find a new job, but this was when Paisley needed a little comforting and they both crashed.  

 I had some sugar cookie dough in the fridge I had made up but then it has been so stinking hot to turn on the oven so never finished it.  So the other day I let the girls just have at it.  What a mess but they loved it.  Still trying to figure out how to get frosting out of the rug.

Today's confesssional.  I littered today worse than I ever have in my whole life.  I hate littering and am a huge recycler (to a neurotic degree) and try to be really green, but today I think I killed the whole thing.

So I went to free zumba at the church (thankyou free zumba) and then to free music class at the church (thank you free music class) for the little girls this morning at 9 a.m.  When I was getting Ivy out of the car I realized she was poopy so I changed her diaper.  BUT I didn't want to throw it away in the church to stink of the building all week since I knew it wouldn't get taken care of and I didn't want to leave it in my car to get stinky for 2 1/2 hours either so I put it on my windshield to do something with it when I left.

Well, apparently it wasn't big enough or I'm very distracted cause I didn't remember it til it flew off my windshield when I was driving and then plopped onto the busy road and in my rear view mirror I saw that the diaper opened up!  Yuck!  I was dying!  But its too busy of road to try to retrieve it without getting hit by a car so I sheepishly went home and am wondering when the litter police will come get me.  Seriously the worst offense ever and poor person who discovered that.  My only luck is our dry dusty weather will dry it up? 


Nancy Jo said...

Oh that really made me laugh! I am surprised you didn't get in a wreck after watching it fall off and open up. Oohhh that is bad.

Alvhild Evans said...


christy said...

So funny! literally lol
At least it wasn't on purpose. We all forget something on the car once in a while.;)

Mommy said...

aaaahahahahahahaha! I'm telling! Naughty Mommy! (Fine, I'll keep my mouth shut. Your blog is private, right? Oh, wait...)

Courtney said...

That is too funny! So fun to have Jason home. xoxo

Chris Garff said...

The diaper is a great story. It's all good since you are such a good recycler. I couldn't imagine the horror you felt, but i'm sure you've gotten tons of laughs out of it now.

Andrea said...

Funny!! You put a smile on my face today, thanks :) And hang in there... my hubby is home sleeping like that all day too, oh boy.

Adam and Lisa said...

Haha, best story ever!!!