Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Round 1

The school nite time Halloween party was on Friday and Jason took the 2 big girls + Luke 
but I ended up picking up Luke (who had refused to dress up) 
because he thought it was boring????!!!  Are we this age already?  
Paisley got another round of a bug and was soo sad to stay home. 

Baylie is a repeat Witch.  black lips are a must. 

Darby is a NINJA!

Just have to mention these Costco goodies from our neighbor Jim. 
For the past year or more, our neighbor Jim gives us day-old Costco breads 
that he gets via his church and gifts to us.
I'm sure we are the biggest family he knows so he figures we could use it
but he is super cute cause if he notices family is in town he will drop off more 
and now with Jason job searching he religiously supplies us with bread and goodies
and now I'm especially touched cause now there is a need.
I hope he gets blessed times seven for thinking of u!
Its always a random assortment
and comes on the weekend so if you need some french bread, come get some from me!

Also, just have to post some McCoy Stats for the weekend:
Jason's church bball team won their first game,
but alas, lost their championship game
Luke played great on flag football
two interceptions, one on the other teams one yard line 
right before they were going to score
and then still got a touchdown.  Football is definitely his sport!


Nancy Jo said...

Great neighbor Jim - so nice! Love that Darby is a ninja! Baylie is a cute witch - she looks so much like you when you were in kindergarten.

Lindsey said...

Yummy costco food. So nice of him. Love the Halloween pictures! They look great!

RachelAA said...

The Jim's of the world are so dang cute. I love those little blessings.