Monday, October 22, 2012

Paparazzi Brew Ha Ha


So, this has been a funny Paparazzi Weekend.
Had a casual party on thursday and friday at my house while 
I was restocking all the new stuff I had gotten.
It was great. I'm getting in my groove.
Much easier having most the kids in school. 
So while I had Paparazzi on the mind, I called my friend, we will call her Miss M,
to ask her questions
and in the background of our call I hear that she is at a fabric store...
oh i wonder what she is buying fabric for?
and then I hear a middle eastern accent...
they don't have those accents where she lives

and I cold busted her "YOU ARE IN LA!"

which then she said, I was just going to call you. 

Suuuuuuure. :)

And then they quickly scurried up the freeway and came to visit us.
We love those guys, they are like family.
Anyway, so we talked some shop..
and I told her how I felt comfortable now selling Paparazzi
I love it, and I love seeing all the new stuff
and lets be frank, I like being able to contribute to buying some groceries,
especially if it means I'm still staying at home
and then she said, well have you done any parties?
and I was like, ya a bunch at my house. 
and she challenged me to book 3 parties this week
not at my house
or she was going to spank me!
(not really)
I was like 3! and she said, yes, you can do it!

who wants a party party party?

Who wants to get free presents

for their friends and family or yourself?

UNTIL November 20...

I will DOUBLE the hostess rewards.

And if you tell me what you like I can have that available.

Whats better than $5 stuff?  Free stuff.

I will come to you.
Every party is different because new inventory is available
all the time.  Constantly changing.
It can be nite or daytime.
I need to bust out of my comfort zone.
So will you help me?
For free jewelry, accessories and hotness, oh my!

Teenagers, grandmas, church members, all welcome
do not discriminate

 If you think our social circles are too crossed over,
I'm sure you will be surprised how many will come.
cause some friends will show up for you
when they wouldn't show up for me.
Ouch!  but its the truth :)

 I love this orange cuff.  Do you love chipped nail polish?

I enjoy Paparazzi too cause its like a social experiment.  I like to observe what people are drawn too.  Like a personality test.  My a big fan of the leather bracelets too. 

For all my BAMA pals, hmmm....
will check out teleportation.
Or you could be seller too 
and have an enormous stash of jewelry
 and fun things at your beck and call (in your closest)
 constantly tempting you to keep it all for yourself.

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Phillips Family said...

Hey I have that bracelet and the earrings on the left! Holla! I may try to see if I can double up with my MIL and do a party...get some fresh blood in there...I'll let you know after i talk to her!

English Garden said...

You'll come to me? I'll host a party!

Amberli said...

hm, well i suppose a drive to vegas would cancel out any revenue that you would make by doing a party at my house! but for real, next time you're in town i'd be happy to host one for you. although i've hosted jewelry parties before so who knows if i'd get a good turn out.