Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Unexpected Plans

These pictures are from before I went to Utah for 3 and half days on last minutest notice.  Jason's took off work so I could attend (and Ivy) my uncle Richard's funeral.

As many tears that were shed, it was really really really good to see so much family.  (Sorry Courtney, Brandon and Avi, we missed you, HUG!).  I got to meet my cousin's two week old baby, see all the Tanners (and Clegg!), reconnect with all the Hanni's, spend lots of time with the Evans, Speirs and Everts.

Funerals are no fun.  And yet, it was special to hear my dad speak about his only brother (my only uncle on my dad's side) and his feelings about the plan of salvation and Christ's role in our lives.  Hearing about Uncle Richard's very colorful life and all the good he did in the world was great.  I want to write on here all the great stories because this blog is my journal in lots of ways, but I don't want to encroach on his family's privacy since its all a public blog.

But I'm going to tell my kids about their great uncle almost shooting my grandma in the house, betting on bushes, and being the biggest U of U fan ever!  At the sign in, guests could take the U of U pen home with them.  (in the paper it said, in lieu of flowers, put $20 on Utah over BYU...the game is this Saturday)

The parts I like about funerals is the celebration of a great life, the surety of an after life where we are still in our family unit, and story after story being told.  I left loving my cousins, aunts and uncles more.

You don't get many people more full of life and wit than my Uncle Richard.  My prayers are with his family and my Aunt Jan and my dad and Aunt Kathy. 

Back on the homefront, Jason held down the fort.  Came home to a clean house (except for the bomb that went off in the girls room).  Enjoyed some one on one time with my little Ivy since she flies free.

I got to see my grandpa again after he has turned 90.

We just hung out at his house in Bountiful if we weren't doing funeral stuff and seeing the Evans.

My grandpa gave me a bunch of my grandma's socks so I'm fully socked...I mean stocked.

Even got three of her pjs, did I mention we were the same size?  

Plus, I got to fly on an airplane on Sept. 11th, American Airlines no less, wait, thats not supposed to be good?  Well it surely is because I had an empty seat next to me (on both flights, that amazing!) with a very squirly 15 month old)..probably due to the date.

Both Ivy and I are home now, life resumes, but I'm clutching on to the memories of the last few days even though I missed the rest of my family here.

Enjoy some pictures from before.

And yes Luke got an interception in his first game, scooped it almost an inch off the ground, played middle linebacker and we love his coach.

See how Jason and Luke match up height wise?  He is to my eyebrows now.

The rest of the week is pretty busy for me, but will hug my kids a little tighter.

How awesome is that picture with the girls at the drinking fountain?  Love my girls. And of course both my boys too!

p.s. if you are looking to buy said boys byu shirts anywhere north of salt lake.  don't try, the stores are all filled with red :) 


bro said...

Have you told Luke his team is the team of the best ever Lds football player, although he should quit football as soon as possible so he doesn't get a lifelong injury

Nancy Jo said...

LOVE all the pictures!! Luke looks great in his uniform! Love the picture of Ivy and her hair. Funny pic of Luke and Jason - Luke is getting so tall! Cute pic at the drinking fountain of the girls. Love your family!

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing about the funeral. I was so sad I couldn't go. It sounded like a great funeral.