Tuesday, September 4, 2012

tiny tea party

Sooooo, the last week before school (the hottest week of the summer),
my friend Mindee and I had a mini tea party.
Meaning the attendants were mini, cause it was not mini. 
partnering with mindee is like being robin to batman...or who is martha stewarts sidekick?
It was a bonaza, a fancy little girls dream tea party. 
or so we tried to make it. 
The theme was 'In Your Mother's Heels"
and it was a FASHION TEA PARTY. 
We recruited some young women from church to help man (or woman) the stations,
makeup, hair, nails...
ages 5 - 9, except for the littlest ones that were related to us
like 23 girls came. no moms or boys allowed. 
we invited the girls in our church, we are in different wards
drop off for two hours of tea party heaven. 

here are some pictures, it was a serious event and it looks like it got the best of me in these pictures (memo to self, do hair, but serious I was lucky to be showing up)

yes, mindee and I are nuts.  whats new?
go big or go home? 
or is go big and go crazy?

but the my girls loved it and lucky for me it wasn't at my house

mindees hard wood floors were much more fun to click heels on. 

 Tina did hair and helped out too (ie, was roped into helping cause she is our friend)


 yes christie is part mccoy.  she was on ivy duty.  which means she got a workout cause that girl was everywhere.

 serious the young women were awesome, megan and lauren did awesome nails!

 ok, so no mormons don't drink real tea, just herbal tea and for small girls, we translated that to fun colors of punch.

 some small feet in big shoes (ie: note to self, get cuter shoes for my girls to wear cause mine were pretty boring, too bad I really don't like heels anymore)

 the party goers brought tiny food to share and people were so creative.


and how did the party end? 

well after setup  

and then getting ready

and then going early

and then clean up

and lots of sugar

this is how the ride home went

our feet hurt

we were dang tired.

and full of makeup.

it didn't end well. 

but thankfully its been a few weeks and now these pictures seem amusing

but it was painful then

we hope to make it a yearly event, but definitely going to be smarter next time.  donut holes are just as good as cake balls and much less work.

i need to post a picture of the invites cause they are the cutest thing ever (cause mindee made them), they were heels that could stand, all fancied up.

ps. if you came, remind me to give your picture of that day or your daughter all dressed up!  thanks for coming!

I totally forgot this part (or maybe repressed some of these memories of the tea party, cause for me it was quite taxing) but Emily totally saved my behind and let Luke spend the nite (the only place is he allowed to spend the nite!) and so he was saved from the girlie madness (and my madness)..and really that girl is gold to me.  The End. 


Alvhild Evans said...

The pictures at the end had me laughing so hard. This was such a great idea! Everything looked super cute and so creative. I bet the girls thought you guys were the coolest!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh! Woah, I'm so impressed you did that. What good moms you guys are. PS - Audrey will be five next year ;)

RachelAA said...

I am so in love with those last pictures. You guys did an amazing job.

Amy Kennedy said...

That's so cute!! I'll have to remember that for a b'day party idea. precious little girls all dressed up!

Hillary said...

That party looked awesome! So fun :) I love a tea party myself.

Phillips Family said...

You girls rocked it! The girls had a blast! Thanks for the time you girls took to do it for our girls...

bro said...


Nancy Jo said...

How much fun in this!! The girls look beautiful! Love it!! Reality in the end. Sorry, I am sure they were worn out!

Lindsey said...

Soo cute pictures and the ones at then end of paisley show real life bliss of mothering:). Love the picts of the high heels!