Wednesday, September 19, 2012

funny stuff on pinterest

One of the many reasons I love Pinterest (minus a few bad recipes that made me want to hurl)
Pinterest has funny stuff. 
Pinterest has doubly funny stuff if you are following funny teenagers who pin funny stuff
(Shout out Megan P and Rachel W!).
Oh man, those girls kill me,
 ya know when they aren't pinning Disney Princesses and plans for their future wedding,
 not that I mind those either. 

ps. here is a pinterest tip.  i wouldn't suggest just looking on the Humor section
of Pinterest cause some is quite foul  (talking to you mom!)
but just follow funny people and loads will turn up. 
or you might be surprised who has the same humor as you
(should I wonder that my humor is shared by 17 year olds?)

But oh man, how many times can you make Ryan Gosling say funny Mormon stuff? 
Not enough.  Not enough, my friend.

ps. if you need help with some of these, try singing them and it helps. 

oh yes and it helps if you are up on your pop culture a bit, basic knowledge of music and Harry Potter of course.  The top picture is a nod to my favorite movie, Tangled.
Especially since I find it amusing to put my own hair on my kids boo boos and sing that song, which then they yell MOM STOP!  cause they don't think its funny but I do. 

Sick humor can unite many.

Here are just a few latest gems.

This last one is a very LDS/Mormon,...cause if you grew up in the church and  you are about my same age you knew every word to this song.  

And who are these cute missionaries and is this what they are doing all day?
 And is he driving while singing this?  Scary. 


Nancy Jo said...

Hilarious! Love the video! Really scary they are driving. The best friends forever is funny/sic. Loved the tangled hair, scarecrow and the distracted one is so me. Thanks for making me smile.

Hannah said...

Somewhere a mission president is pulling his hair out. Thanks for the good laugh!

Alvhild Evans said...

Bahahahaha! I will never be able to listen to that song the same way again....

Traci said...

Thanks for the laugh. The missionary video makes me miss my mission days!

Phillips Family said...

These are all hilarious! Thanks, I needed the laugh!

brandon said...

Bff made me laugh out loud

Nash said...

OH MY!!!!! I can't believe he's driving. Must be state side missionaries? JK
Super funny pictures, my 12 yr old was looking for humor and I said NO!
Too bad they ruined that song with the fast tempo.
SO funny!

Tanya said...

Too funny, bryan and I laughed!!!

Lindsey said...

So funny! Loved them all!

Courtney said...

That was freakin' funny. Thanks for sharing!