Saturday, September 1, 2012

Paisley Jo

Paisley is now 3.  three years old!  She has been talking and looking forward to her birthday for a long time.  Having to watch all your siblings birthdays go by is tough, but its finally her turn!

I don't think there ever was a happier birthday girl.  She was hugging her purple balloons....hugging her presents.  Purple is Paisleys favorite color so we tried to have as much purple allowed.

Baylie kindly offered to help her open her presents and Paisley loved (cause big sisters are so cool) and Ivy would have loved to tear through them herself.

Paisley loved everything from her Nana and Grandpa!  She was spoiled!

I love when I can get a shot of all five.  Bedhead and all.

 Paisley finally got her bowl and cup and plate! Everyone had one but her but so she was soooo excited.  We had crepes for breakfast, definitely a favorite here.  And talked to Nana and Grandpa via Facetime that morning.

Here's Paisley in her new birthday clothes.  Fancy.  Hello Kitty rules.

 Darby looking pretty too, her and Paisley went to a baptism in the morning with me while Luke and Jason and the other two were at football practice.

and then we finally went to CHUCK E CHEESE!

Paisley talks about going to chuck e cheese everyday, multiple times a day and she was soo happy to be there and looved every bit.

ps.  does this qualify as planking?

 She invited a few of her best friends and we loved that Sadie, Layla and Aunt Lindsey drove out to come!

Ahh, Luke looking over the prizes for the tickets.  Decisions decisions.  

 Frosted brownie bites (thanks costco for the pre-made brownie part)

Paisley loved all the presents so got and had to hold them all herself.

And then we played with them all for hours after we got home.  She was such a happy girl.

Christie (or as Paisley calls her "He He") came too and Paisley loves her! 

Everyone else was glad that Paisley picked Chuck E Cheese too, especially Baylie because Eliza was there! and Luke hung with Brody.  

We love having little Paisley in our family.  Three and counting!  Many more years ahead.   Its been awesome spending more time with her now that her big sisters and brother are in school.  She loves to do whatever her big sisters are doing and she loves Ivy.  At night Luke lets Paisley come sit on his bed and look at books which she loves. 


Nancy Jo said...

Looks like Paisley had a fabulous birthday!! Thanks for posting all the pictures!She is darling!! Her cupcakes are decorated soooo cute! That was great that Lindsey, Sadie, Layla, & Christie came too. What a great day for her! Pretty pic of Darby!

bro said...

So cute, such attractive family, p looks so happy, thanks for post, Darby so beautiful

Beth said...

Aw, what a special day for her. She looks so happy and grown up. And I love the brownie bites idea.

Amber said...

I saw Paisley in nursery and asked her about her birthday. All she said was she got lots of presents from Nana! She looks so adorable in her Hello Kitty outfit.

Lindsey said...

Love all the cute picts!! She looks adorable! Fun to see you guys!!

Anonymous said...