Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snazzy Outfits

 Just so you can witness the matching/unmatchingness of the daily outfit picking.  Its very intense.  Everyday Darby has been telling me she wants to be a rockstar.  Which I guess means lots of black.  And yes we wear shorts under our skirts over here. Thats why I was making her show them cause they were hot pink.  HOT PINK!

 I lost this battle.  Baylie and her pattern mixing obsession won.   At least its all on the same side of the color wheel.  I caved.  But if I squint my eyes enough its not quite so painful right?

We are very particular about hair.  Baylie's has two bobbie pins on one side only and she made me do it twice to get it just how she likes it.  Maybe these girls will be on Project Runway one day with all these fashion obsessions!

Here is me and the man.  Oh how much Jason and I have weathered together these 12 1/2 years.  But really I just think how much older we have gotten compared to our cute 20 year old pictures.  oh well, wisdom comes with age.  Ya hear that Court?  ahah, just kidding.  or actually what I tell my kids is that is not always true because just because you are older doesn't mean you know better...maybe the saying should be, wisdom is earned. 

 Here's our little mullet baby.  with crayons in her hand.  tons of teeth that one.

my kids have been troopers lately.  Baylie has had to take a nap everyday after full day kindergarten.  either falls asleep on the way home (which is like a block) or shortly after.

 Here was Darby's hair creation.  Right after this picture I made her let me brush and fix it a bit.


Nancy Jo said...

I love your girls and their snazzy outfits and attitudes! What confidence they elude! That is a great picture of you and Jason - good looking couple!!

brandon said...

Tell Baylie I thought that outfit was real cool and Darby also

Laura said...

Don't you know? Pattern mixing is all the rage.