Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear Children

You are driving me crazy.  Bonkers.  Looney bin is where I'm headed.  Five different moods and personality and right as I'm looking at you and your super hair raising behavior I'm thinking, Shoot I probably taught you how to act like that.  Cause your moms a bit coo coo too.  and hot tempered and immature and fickle. 

So could you please please please get freaking dressed in the morning without throwing on a big old fit?  putting on your shoes and throwing them off about five times, refusing to change out of painfully mis matched clothes (I mean my standards of matching are not that high but seriously girl, you are killing me here). 

Or maybe practice for INSERT ANY ACTIVITY (piano, chores, homework, reading) without moaning and complaining like I'm poking your eye?  Oh you can't?  Thats your job your telling me?  To test the limits of your mothers patience and sanity?  Well guess what kids we are in trouble cause we know I don't have much to begin with.

Oh man oh man, this is going to be a looooong year.  At least your dad has taken over overseeing lunch making duties at nite which is awesome.  And its really great to have someone to commiserate about all your childhood lunacy with....although the man is pointing his finger in my direction about teaching all previously stated behavior.   Maybe I should just tape up my mouth, and tie up my hands...cause I had no idea what kinda crazies I'd be dealing with.  Oh wait.  Maybe I did.  Cause they are just dang like me! 

Good thing you are all cute.  And good thing we all forget (mostly, with medication) by the time I'm tucking you all in and you are being sweet and wanting love.  And good thing big boy you were belting out singing on the Wii today after school (ya know before you got in trouble a billion times)...cause that was precious.  And thanks for times you do something great.  Lets just try lowering your moms crazy land quota ok? 

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Sara Jane said...

You've got to post some of the crazy outfits Iassume Baylie iscoming up with. Our mornings are smooth, but somehow Porter and Lawrence seem to think hitting, pushing, and kicking each other is a great after school activity. Adjustment I keep telling myself. It will maybe calm down in a month. Hope it does at your house.14