Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ann Romney

In case you missed Ann Romney's speech please watch it.  I think it gets better as it goes on, you will want to watch the entire 20 minutes.  What a classy lady.  Oh what she must have experienced and seen in her life. 

Here is the deal, I can't remember if I said it before, but for me, being a Mormon only adds to his resume, to a proportion the public doesn't understand.   She just briefly touches on his service, but for me being a Mormon, it speaks volumes.  Through our church we learn to serve, be humble (which doesn't serve well in an election) and give...our time and monetarily.  We give because the Savior has given us everything. 

For me, when I find out Mitt has been on a mission, been a bishop, and a stake president, the amount of work, self-lessness, and service those volunteer positions require is so extensive, it gives me the best feeling to think our President of the United States would have been 'in the trenches' helping the poor and needy as much as those callings require.  Shoot, just being a dad to five children, how much that requires and yet being so successful in his business life and specializing in problem solving, I am in awe.  It seems his life has been shaped to take this new role.  

It is so refreshing to have a candidate for President who is so prepared politically for this job, but personally as well.  His credentials so outweigh any opponents and I'm so glad I get to vote for him. An American dream.


Nancy Jo said...

So true and well put. I loved Ann Romney's speech. She is an amazing lady to have MS and still campaign with her husband.

Alvhild Evans said...

I loved loved loved her speech! She is such a great lady and such an inspiration and example!

Beth said...

I like her too. She is a cool chick for sure!!!

Lindsey said...

Well said. I loved it. It made me love her. She is a great inspiration!

christy said...

Very true. I'm loving all the speeches. I can see the humility in his face as she and others speak so highly of him and you can tell he is fighting back tears. I so hope and pray he wins because we need a good humble God fearing man in the oval office.