Monday, August 27, 2012

funny life

Sunday I caught Luke swinging Ivy in a circle by her ankles, nearly missing her head with the piano bench.  I was like , WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

and luke says, its ok mom i've done it 5 or six times now, she just comes and lays down by me with her feet so I will do it again.

Strange and scary upbringing over here.

on another note, Paisley's birthday is on Saturday and there is not a more excited girl (she has had to witness four birthdays already this year).  Her biggest birthday wish is to go to Chuck E Cheese.

Jason is watching Independence Day while I type this.  A classic.


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Lindsey said...

Too funny. Thats cute that Luke will play with Ivy. And she is so smart because she knows what to do to get it.