Wednesday, July 18, 2012

whats been up

so, i have had some photo issues.  and yes i'm over my previous tantrum post, but sometimes just don't have anything to say on the old blog.  lots has been happening but don't feel like typing or thinking.  also having a hard time wanting to make dinner.  more toast anyone?

went to the zoo with lindsey and emily one day, went to the dentist today.  we officially have 3 1/2 weeks left of summer. 

what do i think of that?  well i'm quite enjoying having these kids around and i'm going to miss them.  also nice to stay up late, do whatever we want and just be together.  Its been a little tricky to get to the store (near impossible) and thankfully i have made piece with what can be cleaned (very little) but as long as the dishes aren't in the sink and their aren't chips in the carpet i'm ok.  permission to let go.

the other day, luke wanted me to order him a toy from amazon (love that amazon!) and he was gonna buy it with his own money ($30 lord of the ring legos)....BUT in order to do it i told him he had to clean downstairs cause really i need leverage wherever i can get it.  So he was smart and enlisted his sisters help.  They cleaned for him if he would play with them.  He was pretty happy and strangely so were they.  So then we played hide and go seek (those kids are pro hiders!).

ivy is just a walking fool.  thinks she is like a toddler or something.

paisley has been trying to sneak in our bed every nite.  sometimes i wake up and didn't even know she was there.

baylie is loooving her new backpack for school and lunch box.  hello kitty rules. 

darby is reading lots of magic tree house and coloring always.  the girls room has been clean this week and which is amazing and awesome. 

luke has been having lots of fun and getting invited to do fun stuff independently, its been like a glimpse of the future.  he is also up to my eyes now big kid. 

we saw a big old coyote outside our house the other day and we had a good long stare at it. 

it seems that i will never get enough sleep but what do you do?  

its past 10 p.m. which is when my brain shuts down lately so better sign off.  

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Beth said...

the coyote sightings freak me out!!!