Friday, July 13, 2012

Today was a bust

soo today. ya well i need a do over.  cause i was going to do this one fun thing, and didn't turn out, and then I was gonna do this other fun thing, and didn't turn out, and my throat was a little achy and spin class was especially brutal (why can't the woman play some hip hop, doesn't she know I need the beat?)

breakfast was bla with jason already gone for work and i was mad cause about the world in general and why oh why do i live so far away from my family?  even lindsey is too far away to my liking.  which is all ironic because i went to enrichment last nite which was about turning lemons into lemonade which i never thought applied to me much but after last nite i could recognize where I need some tweaking, primarily in the critical envious crabby mood business.

But we are still talking about today now.... I threw in the towel and claimed the loss.  stayed in my pjs forever, of course ivy didn't nap well, because you know babies do that when admit defeat....but then, its 5:30 p.m. and its managed itself out somehow.  without shopping which is what i've had on my mind to do but can't possibly manage right now. 

as i was sulking on the couch bitterly, the house wreckage around me, we turned on the karoke machine and the girls did a fashion show.  that microphone is loud.  especially when everyone wants a turn and especially when one of them is still 2.  but then put on lots of clothes.  and we narrated it.  no judges cause who wants to be judged?  oh man their room is a mess, and then they got bored of the usual outfits and started coming out in my dresses and shirts as dresses and there goes my room as well.   that was pretty amusing to all of us, even luke who started to take over the microphone.

lunch was a wash too with nothing really yummy except that the kids declared we will only call each other by their middle names, those kids are pretty funny, although i didn't appreciate being called kristine.

so they played the ipad, video games, made a tent, i eventually got ready, the hours passed and i only had a pillow over my head half the time.  then i remembered to take some motrin cause duh i was really feeling crappy, and at least could look in the mirror again...loving that bare minerals makeup, its like air brushing i swear.

ok, so then (aren't so loving reading about my boring crabby day?)  luke got invited to go swimming.  AGAIN!  cause dang that boy is getting all the offers, but i hesitated knowing the girls would be super jealous about him going on another fun adventure, but didn't think that was enough of a reason not to take him, i mean one of us should be having fun right?

So i took him and chatted with my cute friend and then even though baylie has been begging to go bowling for days now but I just can't stomach taking them.  seriously i'm panicking thinking about it by myself and ya just can't pick what makes you nervous to do and the random things that i have the guts for......sooo we went the library instead.

i know, the library, like my most dreaded place ever.  and yet there my mood shifted.

i mean it was the most peaceful quiet ever.  and they have legos.  and i brought pretzels.  and they have cute educational computer games.  and ivy was free to walk around.  and its air conditioned.  so even though it started to go south quick as paisley started to really run and holler and baylie threw a fit when she had to take off the computer.  it stayed.  the good is back.

see i know its the spirit.  i'm happy when i have the spirit.  and i can recognize when life it stupid and dumb and lame and i don't have it, just need to practice more on trying to get it back.  cause sometimes i like to wallow in my gloom a bit.  don't you?

i did try.  i ate some ice cream in the middle of the day.  listened to part of a conference talk during lunch with the kids. 

why are some days so hard and some go swimmingly?  the girls right now are pretending to be puppies as i type.  i need to shovel up some of this mess. and de-crap my kitchen floor.  and the bathrooms too for that matter.

but hoorah hooray for me we survived this day.  and had some good times to boot.

i'm a little worried about the 13 books i checked out, why do i do it to myself but I can't resist.
four fly guy books, 3 for darby, 4 for luke (matt christopher sports books and the 1st guardians of gahowl whatever book)

now baylie is howling and paisley is being the crying babies.

i love these kids.  they put up with a lot.  and yet they have amazing wonderful fun and pampered lives too so i don't feel so bad.

and we have a babysitter that i need to put up in about an hour and i have to figure out dinner before then.  back to real life.  my question is will the sitter notice if i don't come back?

1 hour later correction:  we HAD a babysitter but through some miscommunication we don't now.  n i hey no more worries about running away ;)   its actually a pretty funny story how it happened.  ya know that twisted sad funny

and jason is picking up rattlers bbq tonite instead and i had rented 'scout camp' with kirby heybourne at redbox for the kids.  it better be the best dang movie cause now we are all watching it.

here's a little annie love for you which is the last cd i got from itunes:

"the sun will come up, tomorrow.
betch you bottom dollar that tomorrow, there will be sun.
when i'm stuck with the day thats gray and lonely.
i just stick out my chin and grin and say...oooh..
the sun will come up tomorrow,
so you gotta to hang in til tomorrow.
come what may!!!
tomorrow tomorrow TOMORROW i love ya tomorrow,

you're only a day away!"

update number 52....she called back!  we are going!  wahoooo.  the song worked!


Beth said...

Brooke!!! Oh my. There was something in the air. My day was crapola too. And the AC still isn't working and I took it all out on my kids. UGH. Thanks for the post. Actually there is an Idina Menzel version of "Tomorrow" from Annie that is one of my all-time favorites. Here's to a better tomorrow.

Jenn said...

My day wasn't that great either.... But you still win!

Jenn said...

That's right I just replied at 3am!! Took some flippin midol and can't sleep! Caffeine in it is keeping me up. But I did finish a book... And got to read about your lovely day.... Shutting up now!

Ha so glad I just proofread before pushing send... There was an I in shutting and not a u.... Geesh

Amber said...

oh Jenn, you crack me up.

And Brooke, I'm sorry you had bad day. Hopefully you had a nice date though.

RachelAA said...

WAHOO, you made it out on a date. So glad. Oh man those funk days sure can get a girl down, huh. Had mine last night too. Here's to a new day... well half of it anyway :)