Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sites i check

if i need to check out for a few minutes or figure out whats for dinner (besides pinterest or facebook) here is where i regularly go lately.

Our Best Bites

Mels Kitchen Cafe

The Sisters Cafe

are these three like the volturi of home cooking...yes they are.  thank you ladies for providing my family with meals and yummy things to eat time and time again.  and for making want to cook cause guess what, i can't get out of it, i have six people to feed everyday (ok so i don't really feed jason, i was counting myself ;) 

A Bountiful Kitchen 
I really like Si and if I lived in Utah I would love to take a class from her or take her to lunch! I still want to make her boston creme pie.  one day. 

Sequins and Stilettos
Awesome modest cute style.  especially love the tips on sizing and shopping and dang cute shoes and makeup tips.

6th Street Design School
I love her style and great what should I do about my bedroom, it needs help. 

I admit, I don't read every post, depending on my mood. but her vlogs are hilarious and she doesn't take herself seriously and yet is thought provoking (even if very different from my thinking and yes she is mormon and i am mormon and no we don't all think just alike, helllloooo home birth!).  if i lived by her i'd like to think we'd be friends which is i bet what every one says.  although at the very least i'd go to a roof top concert.  or maybe one day i'll just make our roof top concert in our own little city!  does walmart parking lot count?  how about the mall?  Anyone anyone? 

The Girls with Glasses Show
oh my goodness where did i miss out on the wear the most awesome stuff and blog about it life and make videos?  need a third person?  what!  I wouldn't fit in?  You already have a Brooke?  What!  dang it!  but serious the modest take on it too, without letting any style go

Cupcakes and Cashmere
(to look at pretty things and I'm still amazed how many pictures she has of herself, this one seems very LA...oh how different our lives are.)

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