Tuesday, July 31, 2012

USA Pride

i only have a few minutes.
jason and luke are on a fast treat run to the grocery store and picking up some whole milk for ivy while they are at it.  gotta eat treats while watching the olympics...or at least tonite we do.
the olympics.  so awesome.  so fun.  serious american pride. 
ok so i should have taken the big giant lizard that crawled underneath the grill as a bad omen.  it was huge.
maybe thats why i ended up catching my chicken on fire and smokin up my grill so bad i had to dump a bowl of water over the flames.  hot tip, don't grill with so many small children underfoot when husband as gone.  even for my feminist sensibilities, there are some things not smart to do alone.  I had flashes of my house going up in flames with my extremely burnt chicken.  the side of the house is a little bit ashier.  i was so shaken afterwards that i undercooked the rest of it so...it was a super delicious dinner (she said very ironically) of blackened burnt legs or raw bleedy ones... good thing there is always more toast! 
oh yes, and luke is still awake at 9 p.m. and going on the treat run because we did the old, 'yes, lets all go to sleep wink wink' while big brother sneaks back down to stay up and watch olympics.  Cause the girls were yawning like crazy but nobody wants to miss out on the fun.
went swimming today at a new place, i piggybacked myself to a friend's playgroup at a big old fancy house and the kids were jumping off the jacuzzi (5 ft?) into the pool.  little ivy's arms are brown and  teeny crisp but we mccoys all have our summer skin on, even baylie my whitey.  
i was asked today at the pool, how do you watch five kids?  i don't.  not at the pool at least. i zone in on the youngest too and checking in periodically with the older ones who swim well.   i can't remember if i've explained that before, but thats how it works.
crap ivy is back awake, paisley woke her up when i put her to bed.
by the way, my treat choice is ben and jerrys half baked ice cream, with brownie and cookie dough, but jason just called me and says they are out....grrrr.  oh well, usa better win some gold

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Beth said...

i think it's totally cute you let luke sneak back down to watch olympics w/ you guys and eat treats. those are the kind of summer memories you seriously remember. staying up late w/ mom and dad while all your sisters are asleep - awesome!