Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shaving Cream Fun

So the first week of summer I bought a bunch of shaving cream for the kids to play with that I had heard about doing from my friends (ya know, when i was on the we are going to have the BEST SUMMER EVER! kick....that has faded to lets just have a relaxing lazy summer).  But then we did a ton of stuff at first and I didn't bust the shaving cream out.   Do not tell your children something you are not planning on doing immediately.  I did, and I all I hear was, 'when are we going to do the shaving cream mom, huh?  when are we doing the shaving cream mom?" about five hundred times.  well it was too hot or i was too tired.  and then i was like well what are they going to actually do with it?  and then luke wanted to put it on people so i was thinking uh oh, we don't need any more tears. i kept thinking maybe i'd wait for linds to come over to do it too, there was always something.

but one day, becky was going to come by to slip n slide cause we were both too tired for the beach (not that day, another day, me and my home, we are hard to separate these last few weeks) decided to spice it up with some SHAVING CREAM.  FINALLY!   Best $8 I spent.  And it made the slip n slide very slippery.  kids thought it was great, didn't ruin the grass, cleaned up easy and will definitely be something they remember.  plus we got to stay home :) 

oh yes, and rules.  only could get it on yourself and be careful of your eyes.  it was a hit.  going to have to get some more, who wants to come over?

becky made it more fun by putting earrings and bows on the girls.  and even watches and bracelets.  the boys just clobbered themselves.  babies missed out on the fun, they were napping. 

oh i think it would be doubly fun to do it on a weekend with the whole family, dads and moms including.  that shaving cream was super soft, no wonder dads use it and you are never too old to slip n slide...just might not look as cute doing it but who cares.


Amber said...'s.still.time.right???

Renee said...

Ambers space bar must still be Shaving cream such a great idea and change. Btw... Jason looks thinner.

RachelAA said...

SO awesome!

Anonymous said...

that was so fun,mom,thanks

Anonymous said...

your so wierd lady

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

Coolest mom ever!