Friday, August 3, 2012

Step Up Revolution

Last nite I saw Step Up Revolution in 3D.  My ticket was like 16 dollars.

Painful.  Hilariously bad, in a bad way.  I didn't think they could get worse than the third but it did.  Usually the poster is all provocative and the movie is more tame, but not this one. 

Why bother with a story folks?  Why not just make a movie with dancing, that would be better.  Why o why did everyone have to speak?

Why you have to have the token hot white guy as your lead? Maybe he is really a robot.  Twitch was only good thing.  no wait, moose too.  I did like Catherine from SYTUCD but I'm embarrassed with how much you had to sell her body.  Her grandmother watched that!  I mean really?  The first scene with her alone is why I can never recommend it.  Dirty isn't cool.  I can't even put the freaking poster on my blog.

Hey Adam Shankman, I love you, but you've lost what made Step Up movies awesome.  They were funny.   You had freaking Mia Michaels and thats all you did with her?  Oh man I was dying. 

I did wish I had to pen and paper in my hand to write down on all awesome quotes in the movies.  It was like stabbing my brain. 

At least it was a dang fun nite watching it with my sister at the Americana and making fun of the whole thing. didn't even think about getting the soundtrack.  My favorite dance scene was the hat and briefcases one. 

Now I know, as a 33 mom of five, I'm probably not your target market, but sheesh, I'm scared for who you were aiming for.    

From your biggest fan of 1 and 2,



Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for the heads up. Won't be seeing that. Too bad. Was looking forward to seeing it.

Becky said...

Funny thing...My MIL saw it and loved it. What????!!