Thursday, July 5, 2012

Temple Bucket List

How many temples are there in the world?
Luke thought their were 700.
Probably because where we live and where we visit there always seems to be a temple
But such is not the case.
For many members around the world, they have to drive hours or days.
My parents drive 3-4 hours (depending whose driving) to get to Atlanta.

But I want my kids to feel the temple as a tangible thing in their lives.

And while I was have an extra crabby day, we stuck to our plan to visit 
the Los Angeles temple and checked it off our summer bucket list.

Because school interrupts fun trips like this.

Thanks Chamberlains for joining us.

Thanks to the sister missionaries for entertaining my girls.

Monday the temple is closed so we didn't disturb too many people and yes I let the kids run on the big grass even though I told them on the way there they couldn't.
Too hard to resist.

I love to see the Temple, I'm going their someday.
to feel the Holy Spirit to listen obey.
For the temple is a House of God
a place of love and beauty
as a child of God I know this truth
a family is forever.

(is that how the song goes? I always confuse the 1st and second verses)

Century City in the background. 
on the other side of Luke is actually a big drop off (which I realized later)
and he was standing on a ledge.

Darby, the cucumber picker

Least you worry we are going to be zapped up to heaven soon for our righteousness,
(insert hilarious laughter), these pictures are beautiful, 
they are heart warming but they only show a portion of our lives.
The portion I choose to show of course. 
 Pictures of picking noses wouldn't be so fun to look at. 

The temple trip was great.  
It was also picking up chips
 that we spilled on the ground and wrappers to keep the grounds cleaned.
Trying to get the kids not to climb on the statues. 
But the weather was awesome.  Amazing. Perfect California weather.
Everyone at the visitors center was so kind
 (even though they were watching all the spillage and irreverent statue climbing).
Paisley and Baylie were yelling about which video to watch in the Christ room.   
But that is life.  Hairy.  Worth it.
Luke and Owen plopped themselves on a couch
 and watched church videos for 45 minutes together. priceless.  
Shoot it could have been 10 minutes but it felt like 45 to me :)

I have to remind myself its worth it, all these things I am going on this summer,
because frankly its been a struggle this summer figuring out to be a summer mom with 5 kids
 (who are now all running from me)
Last summer was surviving with a baby, with like slug expectations. 
Lets just say I haven't always kept my cool.
But every morning is a new day, I dust myself off and get back to being the mom.

We have had some great moments this summer.  Great.  Sweet and lovely and fun.
But also some embarrassingly yelling ones too.  Oh man I sure haven't got it all figured out.

But looking at the picture of my five kiddos at the temple.  Thats what its about.
The bigger picture is worth it all.

Even me to forgive myself for not being near perfect and try again.
 Early this week I was in a funk I could feel but just not shake.
But time passes.
I have always loved the quote, Good things come in waves, your up next.

And sometimes that means just staying home and doing a whole lot of nothing too.

Good luck fellow travelers of the world.
May you cut yourself some slack this summer and keep pressing on.
We can do it!


RachelAA said...

Wish we went - what a nice day!

bro said...

Like the haircuts

Nancy Jo said...

LOVE the temple pictures! You are really getting good with your camera! Ivy looks so old! The haircuts are darling!!! Cute missionaries, sharing their nametags. You are a good mom to have your kids go there to hang out. Wish we had one closer!

Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

You are such a great mom! I love you guys and can't wait to visit next month.