Sunday, July 1, 2012

my 6th child

No silly, its not my husband, its...
the garden

I love her

She is a bit unruly sometimes

But so awesome. 

Since this is our 2nd year I'm now an expert (insert hysterical laughing) 
but its a different flavor this year, much because of what was offered at the store.

we have lots of spaghetti squash

my dang tomato plants are huge but  all green or just flowers. 

should have started earlier.

when did i start this year?  can't remember
see the problem?

oh yes and funny, not funny story. 

the other nite at the paparazzi party, I told Paisley to go get some carrots 
in the kitchen that I had with ranch. 
well she comes back a few minutes later and hands me a bag of greens. 
i knew what it was immediately.
oh no. the carrots from the garden (which weren't ripe and have been growing for ever)
all the tops she picked off.
she had the happiest look on her face.
 oh well, thats kinda how gardening is.
its a pure miracle to actually get something
especially with all the helpers

i got one little watermelon.
not worth the space it
the kids love corn and it looks cool too
but takes up a lot of space in my opinion

this year i decided to grow as strange of stuff i could get

like these peter pan zucchinis...not sure what to do with them

 i'm really good at growing a million weeds
and they are winning, i can't seem to pick them fast enough

 the persian cucumbers are the best
tons and delicious.
persian cucumbers are smaller and you eat the skin

 and i decided to plant ever funky color of tomato i could find.
no regular red ones here

 good bye carrots
plants about 50
grew about 20
now have zero
ya win some and lose some
glad i took a picture first

i never plant enough basil

come on crazy tomatoes, hurry up!


Nancy Jo said...

Love your garden! I am impressed! The carrots should still be there. Have you tried digging where the tops used to be?

Sharon DeFigueiredo said...

Peter Pan squash is wonderful! Just cut it up in approx. 3/4 inch cubes - you don't need to peel it - and cook it like zucchini. It's delicious!

bro said...

Banana peppers

Hannah said...

If you aren't getting any tomatoes, you are probably watering the plants too much. At least, if they plants are nice and healthy that's probably why. And I'm very jealous of your garden; it looks awesome!

Maria said...

Wow! That look awesome. Very cool

Beth said...

I love you're garden. Amazing. You know who to call if you need any help with it. Next year you should plant a pumpkin or two, too, maybe grow your own for Halloween?

Lindsey said...

Soo pretty! Awesome garden!!! Save me a spaghetti squash. Those are my fav!

Chris Garff said...

Love all the pictures.Aren't you just loving your camera?
Those heirloom tomatoes are supposed to be the best tasting.

sara said...

love your crazy vegetables!!