Friday, July 6, 2012

Luke Photographer

 Its always amusing when I find pictures on the camera that I haven't taken, but even more so now that we have a fancy camera.  Because taking pictures on it is extra fun.

it makes everything look better.  like art.  (i tell my family this all the time, its art)

I mean, look at these clothes, what an artists eye luke has.

by the way, nothing makes me feel better than some good rearranging of the furniture and reorganizing.  its a messy process but usually get rid of some bags of junk too.

but i'll say it, the girls rooms have been tricky.  i have been needing to go to ikea for a while but just always seems like a pain in the batashy trip....see how sneaky i am using words that won't pop up in google search instead of other you get me?

 paisley's bed.  just stuck an egg crater and fitted sheet on it to make it more comfy cause its a futon bed.  that bedspread is probably one of my most loved things in the house.  it was mine as a kid, lindsey has one too and its like it was made to share with orange wall.  oh yes, and my kids also have about 7.3 blankets each.  hoarders i tell you!

 Darby making camp in her bed.  i've really liked having her on the bottom bunk and really the top bunk person gets jipped with mama snuggle time.  it was good to help jumpstart to reading and i'm a big fan of having their own light in their bed to encourage it (and booting out the little sister to another room) and let them stay up as late as they want if they are reading.  sometimes that means i'll start bedtime earlier if i know they will read for a while.  baylie reads too with her light as i'm typing this i'm thinking maybe i already told this on my blog which means i'm officially a grandma who can't remember what she already told.  or i just woke up way too early (5:30!) in the summer to go to spin class (but its just $4 right now!).  I think my eyebrows were even sweating.

 darby's stuffed animals all lined up.

 Baylie who just had gotten back from a swim bday part at her buddies house where we gave the little girl makeup (which is a cruel but most popular gift)

 oh yes and luke took a picture of the corner of the wall that got damaged when i was trying to take a dresser downstairs that we were going to put on the street for free (and yes it was gone within hours, that is the american way i tell ya).  it looked better, more was cracked but then the sneaky girls picked it off which really busted me for doing a bonehead move by myself.  live and learn...or just live and never learn which is what i'm totally good at. 

okay, well, gotta go be pay attention to these little people around me. 


Heather said...

I have a wall like that. I was moving a little book case and ran straight into the corner. Next time, get Luke to help you.

Hillary said...

Ya know, you have a friend who lives near Ikea AND I'm guessing many of your kids like the play area there as much as mine :) A pain but it could be an adventure!