Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo Blockage

So its really nice having a handy husband and all, but sometimes I just wish things would fix themselves.  Seems like everyone tugs at his pant leg when he is here since sometimes it seems like his time at home is short and sacred.  But home projects check off his man card for a few weeks and I know he likes to tinker (hey he is a tinker fairy!  holla if you get that joke, must have young girls I think)... me , I'm really good at moaning and groaning about it. Hey we each have our talents.

 'Installing the fan" in the bathroom project quickly jumped from a 3 hour to 6 hour project. (Hence the moaning) but I do love how Jason can figure stuff out and is willing to do terrible tasks, serious.

Like going in the crawl space of the attic, which is about 2 feet high, in the middle of the summer in an old house.  its like an inferno up there.  like a cramped sauna with spiderwebs that he has to fiddle around and work in for about an hour.

 The girls did a 'show in our window the other nite'  a show for the neighbors too i'm sure.
i'm sure it was another ploy to procrastinate going to bed but it was dang funny.  like sang songs from bye bye birdie and annie and interviewed each other.

this is the sandwich i've been munching on the last three days.  from pioneer woman.  Her veggie and cheese bagel sandwich.  i tried it first on a bagel, then sourdough and today a pita.  gotta use up those sprouts i bought just for it.  total chick food in my opinion but none of my little chicks were touching it besides stealing bites here and there.

tonite we ate our spaghetti squash we grew and it was delicious and great!  hooray!

good thing to cause the corn was a wash and had to chuck it all, it was like barf in my mouth (lame corn)

ivy is tearing stuff up while i type this (she is the last one awake)
Jason is at basketball (grrrrrr)
and I plan on watching so you think you can dance (one of the greatest shows on tv)
eating some ice cream (cause I've been very homesick for family this week) and finishing my book club book (Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet).

Today the Luke and Baylie played video games for maybe 6 hours total off an on, which you might stick your nose up at but i thought it was absolute wonderful cause they never play without fighting and looked like best buds downstairs all morning.  Baylie even beat his a few times (super smash bros) and Luke was impressed.  That boy might not have little brothers but he has the coolest little sisters.  

I have officially let go this summer, done less and made peace with the fact that I wont do everything on our summer bucket list and that is dang fine.  next year i'll put more thought into it and add play video games all day for one and leave off stuff that I'll never actually do like take them to the skate park, homemade bubbles (maybe if Grandma McCoy were here) and all the other things that require way more thought and energy than I have left.

Here's to being a slug the rest of the summer, its running out fast!  Now where is that ice cream?


Beth said...

We need to come over and slip n slide. Also to eat that sandwich. That looks sooo good! I'm all about low expectations this summer. It's all good!

bro said...

Yay ice cream and ivy is too grown up and good job Baylie

Laura said...

I hear ya Brooke about coming to peace about letting summer go and chucking the dang list. Ive been realizing its ok to not try and jam pack things for my kids and just stay home sometimes bc things are surely going to be changing for me soon!!

RachelAA said...

I want that sandwich NOW!