Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Guilt

Ok so I'm feeling a little bit guilty that the latest book recommendation I've given was Housewife and an Actor or Actor and a Housewife, I can never remember which it is by Shannon Hale.

Because while I think its the perfect summer read, its ridiculous and hilarious in the best way...I was thinking maybe I should tell some more.  Must reads.  Just off the top of my head.

This is a few that might not be on your radar, and I'm assuming you've read all of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Twilight, and The Help.  There are some books I'll never forget but will never read again like Kite Runner, Gone with the Wind, hmmmm...what else am I missing.

If you are going to read Shannon Hale, my favorite two are Goose Girl and A Book of a Thousand Days.  Both are fairy tales and both i've told to my kids after I read them and they love hearing about what book mom's nose has been stuck to for the past few days.  A Book of a Thousand days is Mulan-ish to me :)  Two great books.  She isn't the fastest start like some authors so push through and you will be glad you did.

The thing about books is I like books for different things.  Happy books, fast books, long books, fluff books, thoughtful books, books Jason would actually read too... I have been known to chuck a book across the room a time or two if I don't like the ending.  And I pretty much cry in every book I've read. 

Sometimes I feel like a read a bunch, sometimes months go by without reading much at all.  I do love my book club.  And the book club I used to be in (Holla Studio City!)  For me it forces me to take time to read...for pleasure.  I love reading cook books, and my scriptures, but also need to read books that take you to a different place or time. 

My kids do not have an option of being readers, its in their blood.  

Here is another few that I've enjoyed.  

So go sign up for Goodreads and we can swap books.  

and of course my favorite book of all, and its free!  



Maria said...

I just finished Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and it was awesome. Great true story!

Rachel said...

i loved all those books too! shannon hale is so funny, right? i loved austenland. all her books acutally. but i haven't been able to read for pleasure much at all these past 2 years. maybe i'll check out maria's suggestion of unbroken....

Andrea said...

Oh I remember The Goose Girl! And the 2 other ones that come after are great too! Thanks for the other suggestions :)