Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mormon Night

Darby crashed off the scooter at the park. 

I gave the girls hair cuts!  Not bad for a first try.  Baylie's I had to do twice to add more layers.

We have had a lot of fun this summer, but some days we have stayed home all day.  What I'm most surprised is how cool the kids are with this, they never ask to go anywhere and seem to love being home all day just as much as we need it.  They just play.  Play play play.  They are lucky to have each other.  Here are the princess girls hauling their stuff outside.  They thought pictures were lame.  

I had a paparazzi party and I'm going to have another, and yes I bought peg board, got it cut for free at Lowes, spray painted it, and had Jason screw on the hinges I it must be used!  You tube was so handy too I found 'how to setup for a paparazzi party' and there was these random woman showing how they did theirs, it was informative and entertaining, seriously what does Youtube not have?   And yes, I have a serious hook up with the big guns to ask questions, hey we go way back.

Here is a sneak of the party. 

Okay, so I need to get a smart phone.  Not sure when but all the pictures of Mormon Nite are on Jason's phone and that doesn't help me much.  Pictures on Jasons phone go in a dark abyss of never to be seen again despite many promises otherwise. 

Soooo...Last nite was MORMON NITE at Dodgers Stadium.
It was so fun. 
President Uchtdorf threw out of the first pitch.
He was so cute and smiley and funny to see him not in a suit.
Alex Boye sang the national anthem.
We sat with a bunch of friends from our ward and saw the Nelsons from Studio City.
We cheered and danced. 

Oh yes, and the game.
Dodgers didn't show up.
Lost to the Mets 9 to 0.
Yo, so we used to go to Dodgers games a bunch when we were younger.
I used to go to Braves games with my family.
I grew up going to Padre games when I was a kid.
But I have never seen a worse game in my life. 

There was ONE DOUBLE the whole game.
I think they got 4 hits in 9 innings.  Are you kidding me? 

Matt Kemp didn't play (injured) and
Andre Eithier didn't play which was lame
 and he is half Mormon (wink wink....his wife is)
and is in my sister in laws ward.

Thankfully, who cares?  It was still great.
But we had a blast.  It was a bit hairy at times. 
Fireworks after the game and we got to go on the field which I never have done.
It was pretty awesome and the kids loved it. 
Luke said it wasn't great it was awesome.
He made this shirt right before the game.
We were all decked out in our blue.
Christie came with us in her blue.
We got free Mormon Nite dodger bracelets. 
We got home right before midnite.

Dodger dogs aren't that good (Costco's are better). 
Your kids will spill the giant soda in first 5 minutes.
Your purse, jackets, feet, bum with get sticky and nasty and wet from soda
You can just buy 5 tickets for 7 people as long as 2 of them are small.
Darby made a sign "Dodgers Win" that was taken away at the 
gate due to no sign rule which was very upsetting.  She had worked hard on it. 
But she got over it.  And re-scraped her arm falling on the stairs. 
She didn't think the nite was so great :(
Maybe we can make it up to her at Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags today.

Despite the 'eh' parts, Mormon nite was hilarious, fun and no they didn't sell much beer by us.
But we did buy two giant fingers.


sara said...

PS Michelle's dream job is being Either's nanny.

Beth said...

Okay you need to have another party, or else I'm coming over to shop b/c I just realized I need jewelry for my sister's wedding. And maybe some presents for people!

Hillary said...

My girls are loving their hair bows/flowers. Abby's is a perfect match for her first day of school outfit! Score!

Nathan said...

Great picts! Cute hair cuts and awesome jewelry set up!! That Dodger game sounded great!