Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tough Mudder

 Sooo, what does one wear to a ten mile mud run with 8 other men where they have electric shock obstacles, ice cold water swims, near vertical runs up ski carrying a giant log, trenches, monkey bars, giant walls, and blasted with a hose at the end?

well, depends on what kind of friends you have.

jason was recruited by josh and he has been training for months.  dropped about 15 lbs and then buzzed his head to look extra tough.

the girls have been watching their dad do pull ups, push ups and sit ups every morning after his runs.

they in tights!  complete with a routine!

if you are friends with me on facebook you will definitely want to go check it out.  Jason is quite the dancer and hold nothing back.  

 he actually said the long tights and long sleeves worked well since they crawling quite a bit even though it was a warm day.

AND HE DID IT!  WAHOOO!  We went up (very far drive, next time I will stay home, if there is a next time) and saw him at the end.  Lots of muscles in that place and a bunch of women did it too, I was impressed.

Here's is Jason's immediate reaction.

"I think once was enough"

"That was tough"

"The water felt good even though we swam with our shoes and it meant we were sloshing up the next hill."

"I think I got shocked about ten times"

The kids loved hearing about all the stuff he had to do.  It was a hot day too.

there were lots of good dress ups, like captain america and the hulk.  jason said he saw little mermaid, but it was a dude.  sea shells, red hair and all.

The best description of how steep the runs were was this, 'ya know that one time we sledded at the Dahl's house in park city in their neighborhood?  Well steep like that but for much longer."  Luke was very impressed cause that was steep. And one time they ran it carrying a big log.

we stopped by lindsey's to recover on the way home and finished the nite off with a carls jr run.

way to go jason, we already knew you were super tough!  no seriously i did.  anyone who can shovel a dusty backyard for 13 hours in one day could do it.  the backyard proved all jason's toughness for life.  He said thats what the dust reminded him of and it was hard to breathe after this like that too.

"Our team is now the brotherhood of mudders."

thanks to lauren for making the tunics and becky for sewing the feathers on the hats.  


Lauren said...

...and I am impressed you have this post already!!!!! tough blogger! I am uploading the complete videos of all the obstacles...tell can watch them tomorrow...lmiles81 is my youtube channel... I watched the vids today it was crazzzzy! almost as crazy as our trip! hahaha glad we did it!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

Than is signed up to do one in September with a bunch of dudes from our ward....and dave stutz! It must be the cool thing for 30 year old men to do these days. Congrats to jason. That thing really does look tough.