Monday, June 18, 2012

What my kids learned in school, 1st and 3rd respectively

Dear first and third grade, thank you for educating my children this year.  Oh what entertainment my children bring home to me.  All those math and spelling get tossed in the trashed, but these goodies get saved to show to dad.  ok, so i did show some spelling to dad.  one time.

1st grade marked the year Darby started having bad dreams about zombies.  And also the year she remembered and prayed every nite for her not to have dreams about zombies.  Quote from Baylie, "Darby is really good at drawing zombies."  Yes she is Baylie.

(side note, today is the first official day of summer for us and we did well.  The beach and swimming lessons for the oldest two girls...Baylie is now in the big pool..and Darby found an enormous sand crab today at the beach, beastly large)

 oh wait, and yes this is as good a shot I could get of jason on fathers day with the kids, see how enthused they were?  and marked the greatest fathers day ever where jason bought and cooked his own dinner and cleaned it up.  ya it was awesome. tradition?  (please o please)
 Darby obsessed about coloring?  When did this begin?  Not sure but it is her favorite place to be.  Here is a book report she did, about a pet fairy.

 Darby, self portrait, fangs and all.  Yes you are smart and special cute girl! 

Luke oil pastels.  Now i'm realizing that art is really something he does only at school now so its fun to see this side of him.

 Darby self portrait.  Wait, you can't read that at the bottom? Let me make it bigger for you.

Yes, thats embarrassing about the brother.  oh what the teachers must think of us, i shudder.

 Luke self portrait.
Like the self described adjective?
Please hold tight to that confidence kid for the rest of your life I hope.

This is also what we did on fathers day.  monopoly.  i lost.  but dang it i bought everything i could...go big or go home.   Whats awesome about this bottom picture is i think he has the same smirk as his self portrait.  Am I right?


Tanya said... I love the Dad making his own food on Father's Day. I guess at church in Primary they really talked up making a big meal for Dad on Father's Day and my kids were wildly dissappointed to find out that my big plan was left overs that they didn't particularly like the first time :) oh wellllllll

sara said...

Awesome kids!! What's on the mirror behind Jason's head?

Courtney said...

I love the picture of Luke at the bottom. He looks so is scary. Love all the artwork!